Festival of Fireworks - Catton Hall - 1st September 2018

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  1. Amateur ;)
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  2. scoops

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    Hi ho, hi ho it's off to catton I go:)
    A night of relaxing before the big rig tomorrow. See all you crew there later!!
  3. 20180831_121134.jpg
    All the big tubes are ready

    Oh sorry, this is Malta
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  4. Does anyone have a coupon code for the tickets?

  5. PyroAsh

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  6. One of Dynamic Fireworks shells positions for tomorrow

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  7. PyroAsh

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    Guys. Due to my autistic son changing his mind about going to catton.
    I have 1 x Adult and 1 x Child ticket for sale.
    I'll let them both go for £35 if anyone interested???
  8. Just seen Jubilee are firing a 400mm (16” shell) tonight :)
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  9. Anyone involved know what time the main displays are likely to start?
    Says 8pm on the website but to my recollection it has often been pushing 9.30pm!
    I wanna do a stealth-like in and out.

    Any special early show?
  10. elmo

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    It will be 8.30
  11. Thank you! :)
  12. Billy Brutal

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    Can’t wait! :)
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  13. Dodgey

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    As for getting a good spot. You could arrive now and sit at the front (7.45pm).

    Loads of room

    Not a breeze in the air ....
  14. Dodgey

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    Wow! What a great afternoon and evening.

    Brightsparks , the first, was the best
    Second show was fun but a touch clumsy
    Third --wtf was that!?!? A kind of Bangra/Bollywood mix. Lots of chaotic fun. Odd, but fun nonetheless.
    Jubilee - excellent show, nice big shells.

    Left as it ended and was out and back at the Travelodge in 15 mins.
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  15. elmo

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    Clumsy ?????
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  16. Fantastic night!

    Loved the Jubilee surprise display, somethig a little different!

    Bright sparks was amazing, timing was spot on and a stand out finale!

    Loved the other displays too but Jubilee's finale is always my favourite bit. Just leaves you, WOW!
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  17. That was a great evening of pro pyro! So well organised and the quickest I’ve ever been out of there and back on the road home too, which makes a nice change! I do hope the event continues for another 20 odd years! Well done Jubilee (again)!

    Stunning first show by Bright Sparks, superb diversity and lots of little surprises to keep the interest. Loved the devil’s face lancework! Seemed to go on for the longest out the 4 displays too! One of the best I’ve seen at Catton, would like to watch this one again soon!

    Dynamic’s show was incredibly precise, nice timing, a really solid display! The maroons were insanely loud too, my ears are now a bit woolly feeling haha! (I’m not sure how this display could be regarded as ‘clumsy’ but hey, firework displays are subjective to say the least).

    G2’s display was colourful, energetic and yes, fun! Definite theme with this display, I wasn’t sure what was coming next which added to the excitement. I liked the randomness!

    Jubilee’s - what can I say but class personified. There was a bit of showing off going on but it’s the anniversary show, they’re entitled to flex their pyro-muscles! Like the addition of the crane at the back, I’m not sure if they’ve done that before or not. I didn’t really want it to stop and I liked the sneaky extra element at the end, presumably that was the ‘big’ shell!? I think the finale had the greatest width that I’ve ever seen at Catton, really was sky filling! Roll on next year!

    Well done all the teams for all the hard work put into the shows and of course Jubilee for such a successful and safe event!
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  18. PyroAsh

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    Bright sparks fireworks.
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  19. What was your verdict @PyroAsh? Thanks for the vid, did you get any others?
  20. PyroAsh

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    Just uploading opening display. My mobile died partway through 3rd show :(
    Thought bright sparks was the best also.
    I found the other two a tad messy but as you say, everyone has different taste.
    Closing display was great. Spread way beyond the trees both sides of the site!
    Loved all the traction engine horns at the end of each display :p
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