Festival of Fireworks - Catton Hall - 1st September 2018

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  1. elmo

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    I love the event, been to the last 18 now, such a chilled atmosphere, get to meet up with lots of buddies and chew the fat, a privalidge to be asked to provide a show by Jubilee, espiecally at the 20 anniversary
    Roll on next year :)
  2. paul s

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    Any footage of the other displays? :)
  3. Exbombhead

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    Search Festival of Fireworks on YouTube, some decent videos already uploaded on there of all shows.
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  4. paul s

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    Just watched G2's display. Yes there appears to be the odd out of sync', but also some really good colours and interesting shells. I quite liked the upbeat music tbh. :cool:
  5. Here is a crew video from Dynamic Fireworks display at Catton Hall on Saturday Night.

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  6. scoops

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    :goodpost: retail looked stunning
  7. paul s

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    I found that possibly the most entertaining of them all tbh. Given some earlier opinions I was expecting something far less impressive. Some terrific sequences and timing.

    And as @scoops said...........
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  8. elmo

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    Kind words Paul, Thankyou
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  9. Pyromania

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    Yep, totally agree, great work Colin, and all the team at @Dynamic Fireworks! Loving the fact that you used the Foo Fighters too!! And the 28 Snow Storms looked fecking amazing on the video, so I should imagine ‘in the flesh’ was quite eye watering!!

    Don’t know how for one minute it could be described as ‘Clunky’...:confused:
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  10. Illusion Fireworks

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    Where did the LEFT - RIGHT track go? That was brilliant fun (although I did notice the plate ;) )

    I meant to ask , whose were the 40mm blue wave comet red mine SS - Jubilees?
  11. elmo

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    Don’t mention the plate:mad:
    Yes mate, predominantly jubilee ss all 40mm
  12. Illusion Fireworks

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    PMSL - Fluorescant green arrows we use indicating audience side ;)

    Very, VERY nice SS
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  13. elmo

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  14. PyroAsh

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  15. It's taken sometime to arrive but we now have the official video of our display at the Festival of Fireworks