Festival of Fireworks - Catton Hall - 1st September 2018

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  1. elmo

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    I love the event, been to the last 18 now, such a chilled atmosphere, get to meet up with lots of buddies and chew the fat, a privalidge to be asked to provide a show by Jubilee, espiecally at the 20 anniversary
    Roll on next year :)
  2. paul s

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    Any footage of the other displays? :)
  3. Exbombhead

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    Search Festival of Fireworks on YouTube, some decent videos already uploaded on there of all shows.
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  4. paul s

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    Just watched G2's display. Yes there appears to be the odd out of sync', but also some really good colours and interesting shells. I quite liked the upbeat music tbh. :cool:
  5. Here is a crew video from Dynamic Fireworks display at Catton Hall on Saturday Night.

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  6. scoops

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    :goodpost: retail looked stunning
  7. paul s

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    I found that possibly the most entertaining of them all tbh. Given some earlier opinions I was expecting something far less impressive. Some terrific sequences and timing.

    And as @scoops said...........
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  8. elmo

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    Kind words Paul, Thankyou
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    Yep, totally agree, great work Colin, and all the team at @Dynamic Fireworks! Loving the fact that you used the Foo Fighters too!! And the 28 Snow Storms looked fecking amazing on the video, so I should imagine ‘in the flesh’ was quite eye watering!!

    Don’t know how for one minute it could be described as ‘Clunky’...:confused:
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  10. Where did the LEFT - RIGHT track go? That was brilliant fun (although I did notice the plate ;) )

    I meant to ask , whose were the 40mm blue wave comet red mine SS - Jubilees?
  11. elmo

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    Don’t mention the plate:mad:
    Yes mate, predominantly jubilee ss all 40mm
  12. PMSL - Fluorescant green arrows we use indicating audience side ;)

    Very, VERY nice SS
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  13. elmo

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  14. PyroAsh

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  15. It's taken sometime to arrive but we now have the official video of our display at the Festival of Fireworks

  16. Wow amazing show took my breath away what is the last peice of music it amazing ? Xx
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  17. EventTech

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    “Dream Chasers” by Future World Music :)