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  1. Used to really like those Fighter Squadron rockets, one of them is a salute rocket!
    Used to be able to get them really cheap at the Standard Factory Shop, it's a ex-supermarket stuff there now.
  2. Errrrrm ..... You don't get it ALL from Yorkshire in case I need to remind you!
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    Whatever happened to panda? I think their logo is great :D
  4. They pulled out of the UK market for some reason, can still get them in Germany etc.
    Bright Sky fireworks are made by Panda, or at least they used to be.
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    Few more bits recently picked up :p

    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
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  6. have you got a time machine or something @ashley_ng ?
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    Lmao @lorenzo_g that made me chuckle :p

    Couple boxes ;)

  8. :p Haha! I take it Nottingham got a lot of old spec bits, or should I say DID have lol.
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  9. Thought I'd join in. Came across a shop with Men Shun so old it still had the Sacred Arrow name on it plus old Red Dragon. I could have / should have been good and walked away but.... image.jpg
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  10. Dynasty box and Hail Storm fury look familiar :rolleyes:
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    @JayT yep theyre bound to look familiar as it was me who got you your sets too:rolleyes::p
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    @kamikersie my favourite brands was panda and brightstar closely followed by sacred arrow/menshun and red dragon :p
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    I like the red dragon as the brand gives me some good memories. The year my sister turned 18 she bought loads of fireworks for me (I was only 15) and the brand which was available in buyology at that specific time was Red Dragon and Bright Star/ Panda.

    I have this clipit and it would be around 2006/2007


    wish I could find some of the red dragon candles (1.99 ones)?

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    @kamikersie im only 20 so theyre the brands that i grew up with and living in nottingham there was many other brands about :) after them candles my self they was floating about on here a few years back but noone had them anymore :(
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    this box is from 2007
    WP_20151103_017.jpg WP_20151103_019.jpg
  18. I remember those Rambo boxes coming out, 8 years ago. Makes me fell old!
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    Bloody hell, I'm after one of them Sapphire boxes myself!
  20. image.jpg
    Nice Red Dragon box
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