Filming fireworks thread - your equipment and settings.

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  1. Really getting to grips with the Sony now :)

    Make sure your viewing in 4K!

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  2. elmo

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    Stunning film quality that:)
  3. Duskyfuse

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    I'll be attempting to film video footage at Festival of Fireworks tomorrow and have been given a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ18 camera. Does anybody have any recommendations with regards to camera settings for a model like this? I have no tripod. Alternatively I have access to the latest Iphone which seems to capture well and is incredibly easy to use. Any advice appreciated.
  4. hofnerite

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    My advice is.... Get a tripod! ;)
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  5. Duskyfuse

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    The camera was given to me earlier today which was a little short notice. After playing with the settings a little I am tempted to leave it at home and use the Iphone!
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    ill 2nd that, if you have chance, let a few small fountains and low noise pieces to have a go and get somewhere near before you go.

    The last thing you want is to be messing with settings instead of being able to watch the show.

    My handycam is on a 28mm wide lense and without being at the back of the crowd its not possible to fit it all in.
    Wide angle on my sony phone fits it in from the front.
    And as filming the fireworks for me is just a bonus, thats now what I use, i just built an adapter so I can swap between my jobby uni mount tripod and my actually fixed leg tripod.
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  7. Duskyfuse

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    The Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ18 has a Mega O.I.S. 28mm wide lens, (35mm equivalent).
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  8. Da Main Mouse

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    Then if your close you may struggle to fit it in. Id Iry a few scale shots and work out how far away you need to be to get all the big stuff in, otherwise your going to be panning up and down all the time.
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  9. RocketRev

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    For once I'm going to recommend the iPhone over the camera. The FZ18 only seems to do 848x480 pixel resolution videos in 16:9 aspect ratio or just 640x480 in 4:3 aspect ratio. I'd expect an iPhone to do better than that.

    640x480 is the old VGA standard which was common for computer monitors 30 or so years ago. Even by 2007 when the FZ18 came out the standard computer monitors did better than that. So really the FZ18 is intended for stills photography with just a low resolution video capability.

    If you can do manual focus on the iPhone when video recording, do it.
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  10. Duskyfuse

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    Great reply, Thank you Rocket Rev.
  11. Madfish

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    Well lockdown has meant a bit of ebaying, sold a bit of gear and got an EOS R.
    No chance of any displays to film this summer though :(
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  12. Sold some stuff and upgraded my rig too, now using a stunning G Master lens and added an atomos Ninja V to the setup :)

  13. Been waiting for the A7Siii

    I did purchase a Sony PXW-Z190 but low light was pants so sold it.
  14. You and I both!
  15. Madfish

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    I have the same wide lens as @blackbat using the EF-RF adapter, along with the RF 24-105 f4 L and RF 70-200 f2.8 L IS

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  16. deans6571

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    I'm literally just planning on using my iPhone XS and one of these :


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  17. Da Main Mouse

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    Useful tool but remember to slacken the nut that hold it off enough as mine did not last very long :rolleyes: