Filming fireworks thread - your equipment and settings.

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    Most decent Video editing software packages allow the audio and video to be split. The video I posted earlier in this thread had sound from one camera dubbed onto video from another camera. You place the video on 1 track on the timeline then the audio on another then can move them about to suit.
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    Most video editors can do this @TGR, you just uncouple the video and audio and move accordingly.

    Edit - sorry Madfish didn't mean to say exactly the same as you - your reply was on the next page and I didn't read it first ;)
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    The video I linked in this thread. That has the video from two cameras, the audio from one of the cameras as it had the best pyro sound, plus, the MP3 overlayed on it all to bring the quality of the music back. When I do weddings I sometimes use a sound recorder to capture the crowd's reaction.

    It's very easy.

    Import video one. You get an audio and video track. Lock the video track, then you can move, or delete the audio track.
    Import video two. Same
    Import MP3 on a third track. Move at will.

    Easiest thing to do to sync both video tracks with each other and the MP3 - is to mute (audio and visually) one video, then drag the music about until the echo is gone. Synced. Now mute that video, unmute the other, then line up that one with the MP3. Now all three tracks are aligned. A slight error in audio synch with the music produces a bit of echo which actually makes it all sound a bit more "real/live". It's also important to not sync the bangs too tightly. They should be after the visual shell break, as in real life. Sync the bangs to the breaks too close and "something seems wrong" :)

    The really simple way to do it is to clap your hands a few times in front of each camera when you start filming. Then aligning the audio with the visual of clapping hands is really easy. Hence "clapper boards" at the start of movies.

    I use PowerDirector 13 and it's very easy to use. WHen you want to switch cameras, you splice, then drag opacity of one clip to 100%, and one to 0%, then when switching again, splice, and drag one to 0% and one to 100%.

    So many youtube tutorials on PowerDirector.

    Nowhere nears as slick as Karl's videos but they do the job of giving my clients something to look at when chosing a budget
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  4. I used PowerDirector for my first video in this thread and Premier Pro for the second, PowerDirector is very very good for the money it just lack compatibility with high end plugins :)
  5. Filmed again last night in horrible conditions! Video seems to have come out OK, learnt some more big lessons but overall I’m really pleased with the new setup (pics below). Video is rendering, I’ll rxplain more when I post :)

    B094468E-6F40-4B0B-A31F-1A380A3DA5C1.jpeg C0B5B58A-4C94-4F23-9DD2-0A25D6DCA36A.jpeg
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  7. Much of this is xmas and birthday presents combined :)
    Same settings, lens on the left can see three shells, lens on the right can see just the bottoms :)

    20% to go :)
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    The worst part, waiting for the render......then the upload
  9. This site presents a challenge, not ideal distances for filming, around 90m with a high wall and tall pine tree's, plus the weather was terrible. So the 24mm lens was probably a little too tight at this distance but ideal at 150m plus. I also noticed afterwards the wide shot camera had twisted slightly so the shot was not level. There is some camera tweaking in places but this was a test for image quality not necessarily framing and scene quality etc.

    I set the camera's up a couple pf hours before but got distracted and ended up with two very cold lenses so it was a tense 15 minutes sat in front of the clients log burner 30 mins before the show getting them way above the dew point again!

    Really pleased with the look of the footage, shot at ISO 5000, T5.6 30/1. Its a rush edit and yet to play with transitions but i think it's another huge improvement.


  10. Oh and it was a bit smokey! Vimeo seems to compress the video a little bit :(
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    Been offloading some gear on eBay and bought some new glass :)

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  12. Nice, I’m eyeing up a Canon L 70-300mm on camera jungle :)
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    I recently bought the Mk II version of the 100-400, ready for a trip through Southern Africa later this year :). I was lucky to get 10% off in a sale plus a sizeable Canon cashback on it.
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    Lovely show again mate and awesome results with the cameras :)
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    I have the MkII bought new from Portus Digital. Bargain price (£1299) and full Canon warranty. Considering getting a 5Dmk IV from them but possibility of warranty issues. Canon is global for lenses but regionalised for bodies.
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    That's an excellent price - less than I paid a couple of months ago! Even better than Panamoz or HDEW :). I got my 5D3 from HDEW. No Canon warranty, but a separate three year warranty was provided that is serviced by the same outfit that Canon use for warranty repairs in the UK.
  17. Where do you go for servicing @blackbat?
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    I've never had a camera serviced in my life! When I referred to the warranty being serviced, all I meant was that in the event of a warranty claim on a camera bought from HDEW it will be dealt with by a Canon authorised service centre.
  19. Ah, I’m with you! I am considering having the weather seals done and both cameras checked out and cleaned :)
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    I have just checked and Portus have a 3-year warranty on their sales. You don't know how good a warranty is until you need it though. They do get good feedback.

    The other thing to consider is "Do I pay £3229 at the likes of Currys, or do I pay £2119 at Portus?" £1100 saved is an awful lot of money, Canon as a brand is reliable, and I think it is a no-brainer. :)

    For those looking for servicing, drop Canon / Nikon an e-mail and ask them what the costs would be for a service. WEX also offer a quality servicing service.
    Hope that helps.:grimreaper:
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