Filming Newly Landed Vivid.

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  1. Had a great night tonight, a van full of pyro, great weather, filming newly landed vivid Products.
    1st Video Velocity now I did like this.
  2. Brilliant :D
    Can we expect a video Of WTF?
  3. Stunning as expected! :cool:
  4. wow
    that is some high power pyro:cool:
  5. Pyrodave1.4

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    Vivid are seriously just completely incredible, I’d happily use vivid cakes in a cat 4 display, 100% they’ve changed the game in the retail market in the UK
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  6. danielpyronutter

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    Fuck me Wayne, did u meet them at the docks lol.
  7. Nice one Wayne , great video as always
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  8. Wow, looks amazing and great quality filming.
  9. this is hands down the best barrage pack on he market, the size of those breaks, the quality of the effects, and professor-x, there is no way that that could ever be in a barrage pack let alone for around £20 how loud were those salutes?
    very very good:D
  10. An excellent looking barrage pack, Professor-X looks and sounds great!
  11. Wow, That is going to sell like hot cakes! I always thought that Professor X looked special and it looks even better in this landed footage.
  12. Really looking forward to getting this pack for New Year!
  13. Those salutes in professor x look very beefy :D
  14. maxywell

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    Would be interesting to see/hear how they compare to funke 20mm tit sals.
  15. This was lovely, New Dawn, a nicely paced Compound.
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  16. scoops

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  17. hofnerite

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    That's a perfect new years eve piece!
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  18. Great content Wayne, looking forward to these new amazing products by Vivid