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  1. Hi All

    Been filming on my mobile for a few years now, and getting better slowly but still could use some help. I now use the open camera app to access more of the settings and the focus I set to infinity whilst I put the white balance as daylight, what do you guys do with the exposure? do you leave it in the middle at 0 or do you put it plus/minus 2 EV which is all my phone will do? Any advice?

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  2. danielpyronutter

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    I've not even looked at the settings mate lol, seems to work fine normally
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  3. maxywell

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    I've tried messing about with various setting but they don't make much difference, still seems to go in and out of focus on certain effects, mostly green for some reason. :confused: my advice would be don't buy a samsung...
  4. If I leave it on auto it goes blurry as lol
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  5. Haha that's my phone. One of my crowd last year filmed a piece on the new iPhone and wow, I would of used their clip except they filmed in portrait not landscape lol
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  6. Duskyfuse

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    The newer iPhones are really very good at automatically adjusting as you film. All of my YouTube footage has been filmed via various iPhones and although not pro-looking by a long shot it does a good job of capturing the general effects.
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  7. I'll ask him if he here this year to film also, but do it properly lol
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  8. danielpyronutter

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    I'll be upgrading my phone this year
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  9. Pyro Pete

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    The iPhone is getting very good at video, I came across this clip a while ago of fireworks which was filmed on one:

    You can't really ask for better than that for a phone. I'm wondering how the iPhone SE compares as it's Apples new cheap model. And there are apps too which give full manual control over everything.
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  10. Looks like I'll have to borrow a filmer lol I refuse to buy an iPhone lol
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  11. Well my wife and I have the same phone so be interesting to let her film on auto and I'll play around with a few settings and we'll compare.
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  12. RCT

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    i phone 6 poor, I phone 8 v good. The vids sent to me on Samsung, i assume newer models also very good. I think it’s just down to age of the phone and software etc.
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  13. See what happens this year then. Just wondered what settings people used and had success with. :)
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  14. Madfish

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    Indeed, this was iPhone X point and shoot in 1080hd setting. I think they cope remarkably well, the only thing lacking is a wide angle of view for typical 'home' displays

    (edit- probably looks worse than original footage if Youtube have re-compressed)

  15. I tend to use a camcorder from Argos.It Has a firework setting and is good as long as there isn't loads of smoke (Canon Legria HFR706) I also sometimes use the GoPro Hero session as it has a wide angle and you can pick the best settings in the app, I found this video very helpful.

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