Filming Primed No limits

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  1. This was a nice compound great dirty gold brocade.
  2. should do.
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    :eek: I think I just had a pyrogasm
  4. Pyrodave1.4

    Pyrodave1.4 Pro Firer/Crew

    Played for me, try refreshing the page and try again
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  5. it works now and wow those golds, this is what the top end of consumer pyrotechnics is
    i am lover of that dirty gold and gold with blue/red strobe so this is probably one of my favourite cakes ever to be made, just wow:eek:
    plus watching all of the landed footage for the new vivid items, this is one good weekend :cool:
  6. More vids to follow:):)
  7. this just gets better and better :cool::)
  8. RCT

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    That looks like another class piece from Primed. Excellent :)