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  1. So i have had many messages over the last few days, forum, FB, email, this is my video of this barrage pack.
  2. very good, especially for the nec per tube which would average out to about 8 grams of powder per tube
    also very good quality video as always :)
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    The gaps between them didn't seem too noticeable.
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    Any excuse to go blow something up Wayne :p
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  5. You know what it's like, trying to replicate the demo site in Liuyang.:p:p I didn't have a November 5th display so making up for it.
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    Well if your trying to replicate it mate there’s only one thing for it...... Even more ;)
  7. I fused the barrages near the bottom of the fuse where the visco could be seen to enter each first tube. This is revealed by tearing the outer paper label. Simply connecting the main and reserve fuses will give a performance quite different to that seen in either mine or Wayne's videos.
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