Finding old firework catalogues online!

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  1. Hello all, this is my first post on here and one of the main reasons to why I registered up. If you havent found this out yet, there is a way to find old archives of fireworks on sale online. Ones that are discontinued and old.

    The way this works is by using a website called the Wayback Machine. For example, I will be showing you one of my local firework stores which is based in sheffield... (Chinese fireworks). You simply enter the url into the wayback machine and it will find archives of the website, on a certain date that it was snapshotted at. (Not all websites will have this as it depends if the site has ever been archived).

    You can then browse the site just like its still 1998!

    Here is a few screenshots below of the website im using as an example, and a very nice view to what was on sale back in the day! I hope to see your finds...

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    thanks for sharing. Would be nice to use the wayback machine to actually go back in time and buy some of those bad boys!
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