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    A rummage around the boot fair this week resulted in a small find in the most unlikely of places. My attention wasn’t drawn towards the girlie mag by the front cover (honest), but rather the empty sparklers packet sticking out of the top of it, folded like a bookmark. Not a make I’m familiar with either (the sparklers, not the mag), and as I didn’t really want to stand thumbing through the pile of mags I bought them as they were fairly cheap. No prizes for guessing that after carefully looking through the rest though (about 20 in total, ooer missus) in the hope that the pages were filled with items of fireworks memorabilia, there was nowt else.
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    No wonder you’re going blind, and I was thinking it was the sparkler smoke!
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  3. Escht

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    That's got to be the most feeble excuse yet !

    A nice find though.....
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    i told the misses i was keeping them:rolleyes:
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    and she told you ........??????
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    "no love, please! It's not what it looks like. I'm looking for old fireworks memorabilia."
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    I don't usually offer my services for free , but if you send me all the mags , I will check every page to make sure you haven't missed anything...:D