Fountain Fireflies

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  1. paul s

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    A 'lava' style fountain in a similar vein to Jumping Jelly Beans and Halo. The colours (Red, Green, Blue and Orange) are extremely rich in this, but unfortunately missed by the camera.

    The trade off as always is the lack of height, duration and vigour. Quite pricey, but as a demonstration of colour, Fireflies is a fine example.

    (The residual, burning holly leaves are an extra!)

  2. trueblue_ips

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    Nice, good to see a small fountain that isn't just silver sparks. :)
  3. hofnerite

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    Nor those damn crackles!
    I had the KBF version this year and mounted it on a 1.5m pole so the falling 'blobs' give a bigger effect as they are still burning when they hit the ground.
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  4. I didn't realise this fountain was a 'jelly bean/blob' fountain until after he BFN season.. :rolleyes:.

    Be interesting to fire this alongside the Kimbolton version..
  5. danielpyronutter

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    Apparently there is a few versions of the same thing.
    Lesley mythos
    Jelly beans
    Jorge hey
  6. hofnerite

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    Standard Halo too.
  7. danielpyronutter

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    I agree these are really beautiful fountains, will have to try a few of them spread out and raised possibly with some Jorge malachite over the top.
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  8. Tinderbox

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    The composition is nitrocellulose based and can be choked to produce high spraying effects.
  9. I fired Firefly and Jumping Jelly Beans as a pair, they are the same I think so this review covers both. I was advised to put them on poles, which is a good tip as the "beans" can then cascade downwards. This is a creative low noise firework, and was a good way to open the show! The multicolour beans are an unusual and pretty effect.