Firefly Bluetooth

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  1. Hi all i have used the Firefly system two times now . I have found it to be better than the Pules and the 4 cue remote system .
    Just like to know if any others have used it
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    ....there's been discussions about this before, on this forum (do a search).

    Never used it myself as it seems too expensive for what it is - especially due to the fact thats it's only available in the U.S. and would attract Customs and Excise charges charges getting one shipped over. Additionally, from what I've read, the actual igniters are prone to damage when you attempt to clean them after each use require you to purchase more from the U.S.

    The iOS app looks good though - where you can create a playlist of music tracks and have the cues goes off at specific times during playback (all automated).