FireFly Firing System - UK first look and unboxing

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  1. Pyro Pete

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    Hot on the heels of IGNITE - though interestingly it's a much older and more established system - is FireFly which was first talked about here way back in 2017. I now have my hands on one :)

    In this video I look at the main features and do a quick unboxing. Wondering how sturdy the reusable igniters are? Have no fear, I will test these to destruction in the garden soon and report back ;)

    Note: I am awaiting confirmation of UK price and also how/where it will be sold, so will update you all on this soon, but wanted to press ahead anyway with this rather than delay it, so I can crack on with the field tests.

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  2. chris 1953

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    As always Pete, another great video, looking forward to your testing and comments.:)
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  3. deans6571

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    I remember this system, I was looking to buy one WAAAAAAY back but worked out SO expensive (there were no UK retailers back then) + all the reviews I found from U.S. pyro forums were quick to say how naff the igniters were (even though they were meant to be re-useable, the tiny delicate wire filament inside was VERY prone to damage).

    Will be interesting to see what you make of it Pete….
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  4. AlanCee29

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    Great video @Pyro Pete that's one bulky unit, you've defo got a great nak for presenting Pete :cool::goodpost:
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  5. Pyro Pete

    Pyro Pete Forum Editor

    Thanks. I think the igniters I have are a new version (relative to the original ones). They've nowhere to hide in any case once I get the patio table set up ;)
  6. hofnerite

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    Another great video Pete!
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  7. Pyro Pete

    Pyro Pete Forum Editor

    UK price has been confirmed to me as £250. Also the battery base plate (an essential item given the cost of D batteries) will be available in the UK, but pricing on that TBC.
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  8. Pyro Pete

    Pyro Pete Forum Editor

    Tested to destruction today. Another set of tests tomorrow to make sure ;) Video soon.

  9. Do the metal plates still work even if the ignitor itself is blown ? Or is this part of the upcoming video
  10. Pyro Pete

    Pyro Pete Forum Editor

    Yes, they do still work even when the coil has blown.
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  11. deans6571

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    ...can I ask the obvious - surely a red hot coil encased within a plastic casing will eventually melt said plastic casing ?

    Also - have to say that the cleaning of the ignitors is waaay too much of a faff for the average home user, to do after every use + too many failures too...
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  12. Pyro Pete

    Pyro Pete Forum Editor

    No it doesn't surprisingly. The case is fine even after all the firings with or without fuse, and that was up to nearly 100 firings on one igniter (including cleaning) in one afternoon. The biggest danger in these tests was being chased by flying visco ;)

    Totally understand about the faff, it's certainly not going to appeal to everyone. Similarly the size and weight (needed by the heavy duty power requirements).

    FireFly have commented to say there's a cleaning option in the app, one press to do a cleaning cycle of longer firing, you don't need to do each igniter individually.

    Range test next in the "garden from hell" ;)
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