FireTEK compatible rails on quick clips

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  1. this year i made first batch or rails and send one of to Laurian for tests.
    at this moment i produce theese rails for my own use.
    IMG_MI6_20200320_163513.jpg IMG_MI6_20200320_163532.jpg IMG_MI6_20200320_163618.jpg IMG_MI6_20200320_163633.jpg IMG_MI6_20200324_163928.jpg IMG_MI6_20200324_163907.jpg
    Laurian is not against this production, hope he will give a review of this product. At next production batch of rails will be added "Recommended by fireTEK".

    Slightly changed the layout, rg45 connectors "in" and "out" are hidden between "floors" and better protected from mechanical damage, also slightly changed the topology of PCB: there are no transitional holes (except holes for pyro clips), the power tracks on board are wider, designed for higher currents, which also increases the reliability of the product. In the lower part, holes have been added for mounting in both vertical and horizontal positions. The indication leds saved, stainless steel pyroclips from QuickClips (Australia) are used.

    PS. sorry for my English

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