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    A new fireTEK product... firetek to F1 router
    What this device can do:
    - Can direct control F1 modules (no need F1 panels - it can replace it and add more useful features to end user)
    - It has built in Time code reader and Generator (now only works SMPTE LTC 25 and 30 fps but soon we intend to add FSK F1 and FSK PD), DMX (Input and output), GPS (with internal antenna) and also we intend to add an audio player
    - Can be fired Manual, Automatic or Semiautomatic (Sequences)
    - It is fully independent device can be used as:
    A. Stand Alone controlled using panel buttons, Time code, Computer software (firetek software and soon UF computer software) via USB, Firetek android application via UVB
    B. Slave to a fireTEK remote controlled wireless. You can still have local control (pause/resume of the show form panel)
    C. Slave to a F1 panel and act as a DMX controller via standard F1 2 wire. In this way you can direct control from an F1 panel DMX devices fully automatic or semiautomatic

    Main features:
    - fireTEK router can control up to 50 F1 modules.
    - a fireTEK remote can control wireless up to 99 fireTEK routers but with no more of total of the 500 F1 modules (16000 channels)
    - real time fully automatic (user not need to press buttons) detect and report (on local screen and on remote) to users errors like script vs what it is connected, F1 modules disconnected but in script or not responding, F1 routers low battery or signal problems and more. with this feature we try top avoid common user mistakes

    - It has a 24V lipo battery with up to 10 hours standby
    - fireTEK wireless mesh
    - LCD 2.6'' to display all information you need
    - it works from -20C to 60C
    - Key for arming
    - Port for Deadman switch
    - External power connector

    A short presentation video:

    Some pictures:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]