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  2. If you're looking for black Friday deals for firetek I saw that they are not doing any this year. But did say to email them directly for discount options based off of order size.
  3. No, I'll msg Laurian.
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  4. Just says under construction atm for me. I know Laurian recently launched the new compact 64... wow!!!
    Plus the new controller is coming very soon
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    From what I can make out it seems like quite a compelling system - however it seems impossible to find any product data sheets and price lists ? @fireTEK ???
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    He's normally very verbose!

    fyi - don't blame him for not doing Black Friday - it's a disaster for retail. Everyone waits to purchase once a year.

    On my other mian business I did one sale, once. Not even Black Friday. It took two years for people to stop asking when my next sale was, and discussing it on forums. People simply held off buying until they knew a sale was coming. I had to make it very clear all over the place I'd not be doing another one, and it was a one off.