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  1. hofnerite

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    Voting has opened in the first category of the 2021 Firework Awards UK and it's the big one - Best Brand 2021.

    Full details and the voting form can be found here:

    Voting will close at midday on Sunday 28th March 2021 and we will be announcing the winner of this and our other categories in April.

    Any questions, PM me or email
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  2. maxywell

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    Primed, klasek, vivid, celtic all up there but it has to be funke this year.
  3. mike hadley

    mike hadley Pro Firer/Crew

    Having actually gotten my hands on some funke last year I would also have to agree that is one of the best brands in the UK without a shadow of a doubt
    (Tears from heaven oh my days and the rockets are probably some of the best effects i have ever seen.
    How do they get them effects in 25 gram rocket is beyond me)
    But if we're talking uk manufacturers/importers
    That would have to go to vivid based on last year's offerings that i got my hands on
    W.t.f compound/barrage pack absolute stunner
    Velocity oh my days what it can do with a 20 mm tube what a piece that was.
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  4. I have to go with Funke but I was tied between that, Imperial Lotus, Celtic and Vivid.
    The only one thing is that @hofnerite you have forgotten Sovereign :(
  5. hofnerite

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    Sovereign has been added. But any brands not included can be voted for under the "other" option.
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  6. Voted for Funke, so many great brands but Funke stuff has the edge for me!
  7. wilkins1kc

    wilkins1kc Pro Firer/Crew

    I voted Celtic; they have been the backbone of my school F3 display for several years. Their products are well made and perform consistently. If I had to do a whole display with a single brand then it would be Celtic. Lots of single effect items that I need for a musical display, but also mixed effect cakes that can be recommended to friends. The main gap I've found is for short intense finale....past few years I've used multiple Klasek Brocade War with both fuses lit together.

    Some great innovation from the brands mentioned above. I particularly like Vivid. But overall Celtic has the range and good distribution so that influenced my vote.
  8. I voted for Funke, there’s so many great brands out there today, but however FUNKE has really impressed me with their products over the last year or so!
  9. gunpowderplot

    gunpowderplot Pro Firer/Crew

    celtic and zeus outstanding products excellent realibilty ,funke looks good but doesnt have the distribution for me
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  10. paul s

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    Another couple of valid points there. ‘Reliability’ is almost a category in its own right. ‘Distribution’ (availability and range) also key indicators.

    Funke may have the ‘best products’ for example, but Zeus may well be the ‘best brand’ if these other factors are considered.

    Oh, the joys!! o_O :D
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  11. hofnerite

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    Yes it's not easy to decide!

    We have 14 other categories too though where voting will be opened up soon, so you will also be able to choose your favourite cakes, fountains, candles etc and there's an innovation award for products that are just WOW or truly unique. So I think across all categories most brands will be covered and eligible for several awards.
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  12. AngryAndyPandy

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    The fact that this is such a difficult decision to narrow so many great brands down to one highlights just how lucky we are to have such an awesome market provided for us. Almost too much choice! :D

    I couldn't decide between Celtic and Vivid so I had to resort to asking the missus for her opinion as she's seen all of my shows - Celtic it is!

    Looks like I might need to try some Funke this year judging by the comments above.
  13. Have done Black Cat as you can only vote for one brand and Standard/Black Cat are the same company.

    As a retailer of the product rather than an end-user what is important to us may differ, hence what is important to us is;

    1/ Do you get what you order
    2/ is it delivered on time
    3/ can we add to our order right upto the main selling dates
    4/ Is our order supplied in full
    5/ Does the importer carry a good stock of products out of season

    We've been in this industry a long time now (51 years) and have seen a lot of companies come and go in that time but whilst we stock lots of other brands for the reasons stated above I'd give Black Cat my vote for 100% satisfaction in completing all of the above over many, many years.
  14. paul s

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    Yes, a retailer’s best brand is unlikely to be a consumer’s best brand. I was kind of alluding to that earlier. Celtic and Klasek being predominantly 1.3 is a prohibitive factor for me, albeit both excellent brands.

    I do share most of your sentiments regarding BC. They were always been very professional and easy to deal with. But, product performance/design is just not there for most seasoned customers. (To quote old Colin Grunwell: “it’s a rocket; it goes up and goes bang, what more do you want?”)
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  15. WR3_Pyro

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    ‘It’s 1999... you have just had a fantastic garden party the weekend following bonfire night, and you just know your going to vote cosmic group :oops: not just because of the product but because of the outstanding art work and naming convention’
  16. K9Girl

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    I tried to base my decision on everything, including cost and availability, interesting to see a number have gone for the latest, newest thing :confused:
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  17. maxywell

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    Personally I went for funke because I thought that even though they have a fairly small range it was the highest quality range around. If it was the best brand over the last 5 years it'd be celtic, primed or klasek.
  18. Saltpetre

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    Klasek for me
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  19. RCT

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    Very difficult, I had my top six easy, but getting it down to just one:eek:
    So took into consideration full range, from blinkers/fountains, wheels, candles, low noise etc and all the other categories that I would use in a display, then took into account general availability/distribution and stock availability for all 12 months.This got me down to 3, and then it was , if I only had one brand which would I use for a full display - There was only one winner and two within a whisker.
    The interesting thing for me is that I ended up with brands that aren’t necessarily my go to brands or my favourite fireworks. Hopefully I will get to vote on my personal favourites in other categories :):)
  20. Klásek have far more 1.4g items than 1.3g now Paul, problem is nearly all stockists order 1.3G perhaps you should take a fresh look. Cheers
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