Firework Awards UK - winners!

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    That's a good point actually, i'd guess that over half the votes came from none ukfr members. If it was a members only vote some of the winners would probably be different. Definitely worthy winners it's just a shame that brands like klasek or primed could completely miss out when I think most people on here would have them in their top 5 best brands
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    Fully agree on the Royal Palms candle, it is the nuts, shame to of not seen any Klasek yet as I still think it is 1 of, if not the best for mixed effect barrages, build quality, firing patterns, power, effects, reliability and colours.
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    best large cakeukfr.jpg

    The winner of the BEST LARGE CAKE category in our 2021 firework awards is Motherload by Celtic Fireworks which received 27.2% of the public vote.
    This incredible 85-shot cake from Celtic has it all! Starting with an eye-opening double fan of brocades and mines it zips between V, Z and W shaped firing patterns with a mixture of glittering brocades, strobing peonies, a huge trident of red ghost breaks and finishes with a triple crackling brocade willow.

    Congratulations to @Celtic Fireworks on this well deserved win!
  4. We are absolutely delighted to have won this award and would like to thank all those who voted for us. With the superb quality of winning fireworks in each category thus far we are very humbled to have received such recognition. Thank you again.
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    BEST ROCKETukfr.jpg

    The winner of the BEST ROCKET category in our 2021 firework awards is Supernova (silver strobe version) by Primed Pyrotechnics which received 27.6% of the public vote.
    This is one of the most talked about rockets in the last decade for good reason. The large single rocket market was for years saturated with brocade willow breaks until Primed produced one of the most stunning effects imaginable with this huge shell-like silver strobing break that hangs in the air long after the impressive boom!

    Congratulations to Primed Pyrotechnics on this much deserved win!
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  6. Those were not my top pick but are very very good rockets to be fair and have a lovely effect :)
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    Most category winners seem to carry twenty odd percent of votes. It will be interesting to see, at the end, which category winner carries the highest vote count.......a winner of winners almost?

    The fact that winners have such a relatively low vote count demonstrates just how strong the competitors are.
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    It's an awsome rocket for sure but I cant remember the category contendors let alone which I picked in all but a few cases lol so looking forward to the summary at the end.

    Well done @hofnerite the whole thing has been most adictive and deliciously tantilising
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    Primed do some superb rockets. Kings Crown another great one and is a near to the original 'King' as I can recall.
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    Rocket pack winners are on page 1 of this thread.
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    yep, thanks I realised as soon as I posted it, so edited accordingly, but you beat me to it...:)
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    The winner of the BEST COMPOUND category in our 2021 firework awards is Pyroclastic Storm from Prestigious Pyrotechnics which received 33% of the public vote.
    This incredible compound filled with almost 3Kg NEC of powder and boasting 25mm bore tubes provides a relentless 65-second display of effects and colour with a stream of bombettes fired in a W-trident formation. Ending with a finale volley of 24 simultaneous angled breaks, this compound is a display in itself!

    Congratulations to @Chorlton Fireworks on this well deserved win!
  13. What a day!!!

    Thank you to everyone who voted :D

    Emotions everywhere today but waking up to this has brought a bit of a smile to a sombre day. A year ago today Chris from Celtic Fireworks passed and it still only feels like yesterday

    This firework came to fruition through the hard work of a number of people putting up with 10 months of going back and forth to get this how i wanted it. An unheard of number of samples were made over this period.

    Chris was instrumental in this process at the start and i will always be forever grateful for his counsel and friendship to push this and everything else i did forward. He was a big fan of Pyroclastic Storm. Just an absolute shame he never got chance to see it fired in the UK.

    This award is dedicated to you Chris Allen

    Forever missed but never Forgotten!
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    The 2021 Award for Innovation goes to Screaming Demons by Vivid Pyrotechnics which received 23.4% of the public vote.
    Screaming Demons is a truly unique dump cake where 25 eerie howling serpents are ejected instantly which at their incredible peak height burst into silent blood-red falling leaves.
    Although category F2, this stunning cake has been used in some of the biggest professional displays in the UK, proving that this really is an innovative and outstanding firework that will make a statement in a display of any size.

    Congratulations to @Vivid Pyrotechnics on this, their second award this year.

    Tomorrow we will be revealing our last award winner - the Best Brand of 2021!
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    best brandukf.jpg

    We are pleased to announce that the winner of the BEST BRAND category in our 2021 firework awards is Zeus Fireworks!

    We received 1004 votes in this category and Zeus beat 53 other brands into first place with a whopping 43.3% of the public vote.

    Zeus Fireworks boast an impressive range of retail products, from fountains, wheels and rockets to candles, cakes and compounds and have won awards for Best Small Cake, Best Roman Candle and Best Wheel in 2021 with Crown 500, Royal Palms and Carousel all winning with high acclaim.

    Zeus Fireworks have firmly established themselves as a top brand in just a few short years but in 2021 they can be regarded as the best fireworks brand in the UK!
    Congratulations to @Zeus Fireworks on a much deserved win!
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    Thats awesome !!! :cheers:
  17. Zeus Fireworks

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    Wow, we are truly grateful for all the people who voted. We have worked hard to choose and design the best firework around for the Zeus Fireworks brand, and hope to keep more NEW and Improved firework coming in.
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    Well done Zeus.

    This has been really well run but I do think there should maybe be a rule tweak next year asking brands not to promote themselves for this comp on fb. Of course they're free to do as they please but when 1 out of 50 brands gets almost half the vote I don't think there's much doubt that it was skewed. I'm sure if funke, klasek etc had promoted this comp on their fb or youtube they would've gained a few hundred extra votes too...
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    I think you will find a few brands did a fair bit of promoting themselves, I for one think it has been very well put together, and i am also sure took more time than people appreciate, well done @hofnerite (and the rest of the secret judges;))
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    I disagree @maxywell - if anything we should encourage brands to promote themselves more.
    Whether a brand has highlighted the awards to their mailing list or not - those people still have to take the time and effort to vote and they will only do so if they genuinely like and respect the brand. Like I said before - several big brands promoted the awards to their members/mailing lists but didn't do as well as Zeus did. In fact one brand who encouraged their mailing list to vote didn't do well at all and I know for a fact their mailing list is one of the biggest in the UK so no brand can take promotion like that for granted.
    Also brands are all different - some like Zeus have whole ranges of products that many people will have used, others are more niche and specialise in certain types of products aimed at certain markets within the retail sector so it's not simply a case of the brand that promotes the awards more will win.. it's much, much more than that.
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