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    Hiya. Bit of a long shot but don't suppose anyone has a booking discount code they'd like to pm me?
  2. PyroAsh

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    Thanks, all sorted :)
  3. Dont suppose anyone else has a code they could pm me?

  4. Can I also ask if I can be given a discount code please, I'm intending on going to the Ragley Hall event!? Can't wait, as not going to Catton Hall for once this year (bloomin' friend's wedding!!).
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  5. Hi there any codes for eastnor castle display tomorrow please many thanks for your time
  6. Hello. I would also love to attend Eastnor fireworks tomorrow with family but might struggle at £20 per head. Any codes available that would help that you'd be prepared to share would be really appreciated. Have loved this event in the past! Thank you for reading.
  7. Does anyone have a 2018 coupon code for fireworks champions they could send me?

    Many thanks in advance!

  8. Hi, I would love to attend the Ragley show and would be extremely grateful if anyone had a discount code they were willing to share.
    Thanks in advance
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    Not seen any codes this year. They only saved about £1 per person anyway.
    Book in advance and you save on the admission price on the day.

    But if anyone would like to enter my friends code 49sevx when they set up their account to earn me a free ticket lol :p
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  10. I haven't been to one of the events before but love a good firework display, are they worth attending as it does seem quite pricy?
  11. Sean Smythe

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    You get to see 3 amazing displays choreographed to music it's well worth the entry fee.
  12. PyroAsh

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    Great social evenings with friends. People arrive early and set up tables and chairs for their picnic. Some of them really go to town with full buffets and champagne lol. Very relaxed family friendly atmosphere with background music until the fireworks start at about 9:30.
    3 pyromusical shows 10mins long with a short gap between each. After the final show you can vote for the team you liked the best by text. Whilst the votes are being counted there is a final larger display by the organisers, after which the winner is announced.
    I'm hoping to do all six events this year, but I'm fireworks mad!.
    Highly recommend the Stanford hall event if you can make it. Illusion fireworks and firemonkey pyro are going head to head(both past champions) gonna be amazing!
  13. Pyro Pete

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    Yes well worth it, £20 or so for an adult ticket isn’t pricey IMHO to see firework displays of this calibre, it’s a great night out. And unlike bonfire night there’s even a chance it won’t be cold and wet ;)
  14. Some bonfire night events are around £10 entry so pro rata pretty good value. Many of the shows take a lot of planning and prep. Arrive early and camp or set up picnic if you’ve got a gang going or as We do turn up 15 mins before it starts with some dominoes pizzas and beer.
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    I too think its quite cheap for a relaxed evening camping and fireworks but ive never been before and tmorrow will be my first.
  16. gareth71

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    Firework Champs events are great evenings - and good value for money, too. Four pyromusical displays and a lovely setting for a picnic and a few drinks - bargain. We've been to Stanford Hall for the last 10 years - this will be the first year I've had to miss it due to not being around - and usually one of the others as well, either crewing or as a punter.