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  1. Adam Blastock

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    Hi all,

    A couple of questions.

    What is your favourite colour in a firework?

    Are there any colours that you cant get in a firework or are rare?

  2. WR3_Pyro

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    Trouble is, I have fave colours but it’s the execution that matters. A blue done well will knock your socks off and others you won’t even notice. I personally love green but it always tends to be washed out with white/strobe. Purple is a cracker too!
  3. hofnerite

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    Pastel shades were always pretty rare but there are a fair few pastel crossette cakes around nowadays.
    10 years ago most retail was red and green, so we've come a long way in recent years.
    I do like an orange, which is still pretty rare.
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  4. Pyro Pete

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    Dirty yellow or lemon (which I've seen in fireworks since the early noughties) is one of my favourites, but the best ever was a copper colour in "Superbomb over chrysanthemum" candle from 1999 which I have never seen again since :)
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  5. BarnOwl

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    An intense blue is still my favourite colour in a firework. The original ‘Lake or Sapphires had that and more and remains one of my all time favourites...would love to find one, if any still exist out there.
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  6. BarnOwl

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    Golden Lions ‘Dippy Goldfish’, although only a medium size fountain produced a lovely Orange colour in its sequence of effects.
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  7. It has to be blue for me, a nice, strong blue, not the washed out kind you get in some fireworks!
  8. I love blues, it is quite a rare colour but when it is done well it is lovely , especially in this cake
  9. danielpyronutter

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    What a great video lol ;):)
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  10. My favourite used to be blue, but after having a Jorge Eden this year I think it's now yellow / purple.

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  11. Pink and deep purple. Absolutely loving the stuff from vivid
  12. paul s

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    Orange and Purple mix is particularly nice. (Purple - not pink which is often quoted as purple).
  13. wilkins1kc

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    Blue / violet / purple I suppose because they are rarer. Some of the high quality pastel colours too.
  14. I think (in my personal opinion) Vivid are smashing it with the vibrancy of some of there stuff. Personally I prefer multiple shots of a Single Colours to a mix as lighting the sky in just one colour across a large area can have a real stunning effect. I can say that my least favourite is Red simply as in my opinion it is favoured by manufacturers and in a lot of cakes etc.
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  15. yea I wonder who filmed it ;)
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  16. RocketRev

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    The lemon yellows / banana yellows and tangerine colours we first saw in Shellscape fireworks back in 2003 at our Great Wraysbury Lake Fest. The notes posted on the forum at the time suggests acrylic compounds were used for them. They were certainly different at the time and made a very positive impact on those of us who where there.
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  17. Tinderbox

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    Love a good brown me.