Firework Crazy Review Night

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  1. Don't forget everyone that this Saturday is the Firework Crazy Review Night.

    We will be firing over 100 different fireworks on the night and there will be some exclusive One Night Only Offers.

    All people ordering on the the night or on Sunday will get access to our review night discounts of a minimum 15% to 60% Off.

    Fingers X'd for good weather.
  2. SussexPyroBoy

    SussexPyroBoy Pro Firer/Crew

    See ya there! The Mrs and I should be arriving abt 3 - 4PM all being well :D
  3. Wish I could make it!
  4. does anyone know what time kick off is ??
  5. Chris KoF

    Chris KoF Pro Firer/Crew

    Mark - have a great (and hopefully dry) evening; very sorry I can't make it.
  6. SussexPyroBoy

    SussexPyroBoy Pro Firer/Crew

    Gates open at 6, firing around 7:30
  7. elmo

    elmo Pro Firer/Crew

    think you will be ok weather wise dry warm 19 degrees during the day:D

    hope so anyway cos ive got a show ;)
  8. Pyro Nut

    Pyro Nut Pro Firer/Crew

    Will be attending if i can get over there :D
  9. shedman

    shedman Pro Firer/Crew

    See ya there!
  10. Looking to come (first time), just want to check that kids are welcome?
    Will have a juvenile pyro in tow:D, assuming they are welcome is there seats? Strange question but carrying a child, torch drinks and burgers is a fine art that I cant keep up for too long! So will throw the camping seats in if needs be :)
  11. Pyro Pete

    Pyro Pete Forum Editor

    Kids are welcome - always lots of families there, but bring your own seats (although there is some seating near the buildings it is not near the fireworks). I'll hopefully make it too, I always enjoy Mark's demo nights.
  12. Thats great - Thanks Pete:D
  13. Hopefully between 4-7 coming with first demo night too, but have 4 games of U8 footie, a kids party and West Ham game to fit in will be a busy day...:wacko:
  14. Hi All! This is my first post since the new year!!

    I too will be coming along, with little one and missus in tow!

    Loved it last year too Mark, looking forward to Saturday, whatever the weather!!!
  15. Venger

    Venger Pro Firer/Crew

    Lorenzo G, where the hell have you been ;)
  16. 21 degrees, light the dream.......:D
  17. LOL Venger, been busy mate. Work and all that. But thought id get back into the swing of things starting with this weekend! Anything changed much round here?
  18. Venger

    Venger Pro Firer/Crew

    Absolutely nothing mate, we all still love each other, there's never a cross word round here....:rolleyes:

    Things you missed :-

    The Big Bang
    Signum getting married
    Me turning 40
  19. LOL!!

    Well congrats to Signum! And Congrats to you Venger!!!

    Now what is The Big Bang when its at home?
  20. Signum

    Signum Pro Firer/Crew

    Cheers :D

    As for The Big Bang - have a read, you will wish you logged on more often lol

    The Big Bang