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  1. Hi everyone

    New to pyro so excuse me if i come across stupid lol

    Every year i notice loads of debris coming from the fireworks and stuff. This year ive gone bigger and better than i have ever.. just wondering is they any tips or tricks to reduce the debris, im using mainly compounds and barrage/cakes.
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  2. hofnerite

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    Cutting the paper off the top of cakes drastically reduces the litter. That's the only thing you can do really.
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  3. Michael96

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    you can remove the paper topping from the fireworks and replace with cling film as that's where most of debris comes from :)
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  4. Thanks for replying bud

    When you say cling film you meaning everyday house use cling film? Also what would happen if you just remove paper topping and put nothing on top?
  5. Yes, search for the chinese newspaper and colour disks they used to be great fun like pogs of old :) as for debris shell casings and shot packing are part of the enjoyment of firing quality items
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    Likely to get wet (the top paper is like rubbery plastics) and if you can something to stop cross ignition like foil (remove before firing) helps
  7. Unless it rains nothing lol
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  8. Thanks for that everyone.. hopefully weather holds off this BFN dont fancy making more work for my self cling filming if i take cover tops off haha
  9. hofnerite

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    It's good fun!
    Honestly though it means you get a good look at the tubes so you can check for any damage before lighting which is an added bonus.
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  10. there just remains the matter of the spent cakes. What about turning them on edge and using them as bug hotels over the winter? put a piece of board or slate or something over them to protect them from winter weather. turns waste into eco friendly stuff. the 30mm stuff can be used as single cell cakes of seed trays. just a thought.
  11. Damp Squib

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    Love the idea of getting the chillis started early in cakes - banger!
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  12. Pyro Pete

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    That's a great idea. The only other use for cakes we've had here is pen holders and torch stands. Once used a Minster 100mm mine as an umbrella stand :D
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  13. deans6571

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    ...I'm normally STILL finding those cardboard discs on the lawn the following summer when I give it its first cut - you may think you've collected them all but trust me, they get everywhere!!!!
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    Oh yeah, i can relate to this spend hours trying to find them all only to go out there the following summer and they are still everywhere.:eek:
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  15. I just found a disc from last year!
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  16. deans6571

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  17. scoops

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    I've been back to a few firing sites the day after in day light to ensure zero litter was visible. This is usually after a hand pick and a "hoover" the night before, a well groomed lawn, cricket pitch(@Vivid Pyrotechnics:p) or even tarmac hide things at night which become visible the day after,,,,, topping is the only thing you can do, the rest is just hard work :(
  18. POB's Pyro

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    You can also put down some tarp/plastic sheeting on the ground around the cakes which makes it easier to collect the discs etc :)
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  19. Thank you everyone for your replies
  20. Tinderbox

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    Ugh, yeah. Cleanups. Used to fire wedding shows on hotel lawns. Pain the arse. We always ripped the paper and plastic film tops off before lighting. Cakes are messy as hell. Nowt much you can do. Whistling Saturn missile cakes are an abomination. Bloody melted pen lids everywhere. Stick to comets & bombettes. Those make the least perceivable mess.