Cake/Barrage Firework king 'Doomsday'

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Brands' started by Chrisy3333, Oct 24, 2018.

  1. Also new this year.

    My local retailer selling for £45. Not seen many better barrages for less than 50 quid.

    Lookin forward to setting off when i get my stash this weekend.
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  2. ianw

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    Too many effects for my liking....
  3. Comes down to personal preference i think. I perfer more effects rather than the same effect over and over.
  4. paul s

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    £45 - nothing wrong with that.
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  5. Tiltman

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    hmmm, interesting. £25 locally!
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  6. Duskyfuse

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    It makes it even better than Bright Stars Wrath of the Gods which is also a worthwhile buy at £24.99 from The Range. They both offer a similar amount of shots, Would be interesting to compare powder weights. I must say Doomsday is tempting if you didn't have to purchase a pair of them!
  7. Tiltman

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    look at Explosive then on same deal. I think it looks the pick of them. One of each? I'm going to have a poke around at lunchtime today!
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  8. So i let my Doomsday off on Saturday night. Was a little disappinted to be honest, it fired much slower than the video shows, sometimes a delay of 1-2 seconds between shots. The total duration ended up at nearly 2 minutes which although was good from one point of view, i can't help but wonder how much more impressive it would have been if fired quicker.

    Was very loud though!
  9. Mog

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    just seen a video of fired by a local seasonal on Facebook. not the best video but looks ok
  10. Duskyfuse

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    Did you notice the NEC weight on it?
  11. Ah yes, i should have mentioned that in my last post.

    It's 689g ;)
  12. Duskyfuse

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    Bright Stars Wrath of the Gods is 540.1g so out of the two it does indeed look like Firework King's Doomsday comes out on top. I must say that for those with lower budgets Firework King have some mega 1.4 stuff for not a lot of money, I'm impressed.
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