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  1. Morning all, are any sponsors stocking any firework king range this year???
    Trying to get hold of the following.

    1. Run for your life compound cake.
    2. Death wish.
    3. Boombastic.
    4. Explosive A.
    5. Doomsday.
    6. Destroyers 3 inch shell ball rockets.

    If any members have fired any of theses fireworks any feedback would be brilliant many thanks and hope you all have a groove day
  2. Latifs sell them had boombastic, explosive A death wish and 9 destroyers all decent in my opinon.
    Cant say the breaks were as big as the videos as it was very windy so the stars didnt spread out :(
    The destroyers were top draw tho!!
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  3. Duskyfuse

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    @Lets Party Fireworks did mention that they may be stocking them this year I believe. Boom Fireworks in Manchester sell them also.
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  4. Where are you based?, there is a shop in Southampton that carries the whole range, seasonal only.
  5. Hi Peter I'm based in London. Trying to find a supplier for firework king around here is a nightmare:(
    And the ones I did find, the prices are ridiculously expensive.
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  6. The Southampton shop is not expensive or wasn't last year and he did have all the range from Firework King, not too difficult a journey from London to get there, i bought three big three Destroyer rockets for 25 pounds.
  7. Much appreciated @Peter Mackett. Do you know if they have a website or Facebook page many thanks
  8. Yes, they do, i believe it's called the Southampton Firework Factory, it's in Shirley High Street, if you tap firework shops in Southampton into the Google search bar it comes up, he doesn't open until October 15th usually, he even went out of his way to deliver some rockets to me last year as i went to the shop before he was open and he hadn't got his licence then so couldn't sell anything but he kept his word and delivered them.
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    As a matter of interest. Why firework king specifically? Don’t get me wrong, I had some from Latifs last year and it’s decent gear. But the interest from me was the prices - destroyer ball head pack for £15 for example.

    I wouldn’t be going off piste to find it though and especially not at normal prices versus other excellent brands at sponsors prices.
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  10. Evening @Tiltman what took my interest to firework king what the compound cake run for your life from the vids I've seen and the feedback I got I was well impressed. Don't get me wrong I've still got the best of the best on my wish list this year like primed pyro, af fireworks, hallmark etc etc. Just wanted to give a newish brand ago :)
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  11. Tried getting the run for your life one last year but latifs didnt have the stock when I went so got the boom boom one and that was impressive for 2 cakes!!
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    Where in London are you?
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    There is a store in Slough that does the whole range though the prices are a little on the high side
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  14. I have fired them all you listed and not a bad word to say
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    Is run for your life not done by another brand too?
  16. Yes hallmark extravaganza is the same cake.
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    I was surprised as well so decided to compare online videos. They are indeed very similar.
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    Aren’t most of firework kings products made by the same factory that produces hallmark’s products?
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