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    Welcome to the new firework review and video showcase section! This brand new section replaces the old review database with new and improved features.

    This new section is open to everyone to upload video clips or share their views on the various fireworks they have tried. In addition, we welcome retailers who can upload video clips of their products thus allowing UKFR members to comment on them. In time, I hope this section becomes a large database of diverse brands and fireworks!

    Remember, UKFR is independent from the fireworks trade and does not sell fireworks. That's your guarantee that every brand and every retailer is welcome here.

    How it works

    Each "review" comprises of a forum discussion thread, with one thread per individual firework. These are organised into sub-forums for each brand. A thread "prefix" is used to denote the type of firework (such as cake, or rocket etc.) so within each brand you can sort the fireworks by type.

    For UKFR forum members (ie. the public, consumers and end-users of retail fireworks):

    Any member can start a new thread for a firework not already listed. However, threads can only be started if you have video of that firework in action. This clip should be available on YouTube or Vimeo and embedded in your post.

    The great news is that it doesn't have to be your own video clip. We encourage members to add new threads for fireworks they've tried or come across on their travels by using retailer clips or clips from other sources. Obviously you should have permission to use the clip but it is taken for granted that if a retailer or importer allows a YouTube or Vimeo clip to be embedded here, then they are happy for it to be publicised (in any case, fair use of the clip for the purposes of reviewing the product should apply).

    You only need a video clip if you are starting a new thread. For existing threads which will already have a video clip, you are welcome to simply leave a comment or a review which can be as long or as short as you like. But of course if you do find additional video clips from other retailers then please do share these. This will help build up a comprehensive set of comments and video for each firework.

    Please keep any comments directly relevant to the firework in question. You should not post retailer testimonials. You should also refrain from using the review section to criticise retailers or their service, our intention is to review the fireworks themselves, not the service offered by firework companies.

    Full information and guides on how to add reviews and the UKFR house rules for reviewing can be found here (all posts are moderated and manually checked against these rules before approval, so please read):

    For retailers and those in the fireworks trade:

    Different rules apply to retailers. When posting video clips your content is treated more as a video showcase than a review. It's a great opportunity to show off your stock to a wide audience here and to get feedback from your customers.

    UKFR welcomes new additions to the review section from any retailer regardless of whether they are a site sponsor. All we ask is that retailers do not use this section to spam, so neither the thread content nor the video should contain any excessive "sales pitch" or other commercial exploitation of UKFR.

    After starting a new thread and adding a video clip (which should be available to embed on YouTube or Vimeo) retailers can add information about the firework type and performance, plus the RRP, but should refrain from reviewing their own fireworks! This is to prevent the section filling up with retailers praising their own fireworks - so please keep the information factual rather than subjective. Leave it to your customers to rate and review your products.

    For threads and reviews of existing fireworks (those already added by other forum members or other retailers), retailers are welcome to add their own video providing it is a substantially different and original clip. We do not allow the uploading of duplicate video clips from different retailers.

    Retailers are also welcome to add comments to existing reviews if they have any useful information or are answering a member question about that firework. But as above, retailers should refrain from simply posting reviews or opinions on fireworks they stock.

    It is perfectly acceptable for a retailer to ask a third party or another member here to add their video clips on their behalf (since we understand that retailers are quite hard pressed for spare time to do this themselves).

    Retailers should see this section for more guidance and to read the UKFR review house rules:


    We try hard to ensure the review section is used fairly and ethically by both consumers and retailers. However we should advise all readers, especially consumers basing their buying decisions on the reviews and comments here, that "BUYER BEWARE" always applies, as it does with any third party internet content.

    For example, we cannot vouch for the accuracy of any comments made here. We take it in good faith that video footage is an accurate representation of the firework in question but are unable to guarantee this is the case. Due to time constraints we are not able to check that an RRP listed is accurate but are happy to look into any cases where an RRP is wrong if this is brought to our attention along with some verifiable source of the correct price, such as a manufacturer's website.

    In the event of any concern with regards to specific posts you should please use the "report post" option (logged in members only) to flag this up to a moderator.
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