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    ScotGov are currently looking at what material is available regarding safety leaflets...

    Aside for the BFA Leaflet (which we obviously have), we have gathered together some other leaflets published in the past (you can see details here

    Does anyone else have copies of useful leaflets for firework safety?
  2. Do you mean government type leaflets or self produced ones?
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    Either....the dropbox fold shows government ones we have tracked down so far.
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    I know @Firework Crazy used to put a really detailed leaflet in with each order... not sure if they still do?
  5. This is ours and same for Elmos mob - although I'm not sure it's loaded properly.

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    It must have hurt to put that King Midas in a bucket of water...
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  7. Elmo dried it out and put it in a combo pack.
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    How have the bfa's meetings with the Scottish review group been going, any progress positive or negative?
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    Thanks David/Sally
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    Cheers Warren :)
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    There have been a couple of meetings and some presentations. Nothing concrete has been presented regarding the benefits of restricting the use of Fireworks and the BFA hopes to do a presentation to the Working Group on the facts surrounding fireworks.
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