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    From the horse's mouth, this is Mike Kroeger, on the forum, replying to my complaint that it was unjust to expect backdating of support when there is a prolonged period of no updates.

    Support is here. We take every single request for service seriously. Anyone that has paid for service and support will receive our best efforts to resolve your issues in a timely manner. We are not neglecting anyone. Your support subscription was not back dated. It is good for one year from the date it was purchased. If you see anything to the contrary, it might be bug in the display script on the subscription page. Several years ago, we did have a perpetual service and support policy, in which your service subscriptions were back to back with no lapse. This policy has since been changed.

    We are small company and have limited resources. We are focused on bringing the absolute best choreography and simulation tool to the industry. We are here for all our users. We are getting close to releasing the new Finale3d software. We are not going to leave anyone behind.

    We have ways to handle fanned racks in Finale Fireworks Business. They are not ideal, but they do work.
    Please let me know how I may be of assistance with using fanned racks. There are many workarounds and solutions for racking, addressing, and show layout. We are here to support you!

    Best Regards,
    Mike Kroeger"
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    That's very interesting, I've copied & bookmarked that for future reference though, thanks! Without digging through old emails I can't be sure of the dates and that forum posting may have been around the same time we last renewed the plan but certainly we've had to backdate payments on more than one occasion for a support plan that was offering no support beyond resetting licenses and constantly saying how great 3D will be and that it will be here soon.

    I would have some sympathy for the lack of willingness to get involved in support for the current product if the 3D offering had actually appeared but it's been coming soon for so many years that I've lost confidence in them.
  3. The new version of FWSim (the pro version) lets you transfer to a firing system right in the software. It costs $499, but at least it's a one-time fee rather than annual renewal.