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  1. Any1 else think that due to this virus be hardly and new range out this year and what's available prices will soar
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  2. Dodgey

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    The orders from China haven't changed. No reason to. They are made earlier in the year. Some importers why are display companies might struggle. I'm having to dip into personal funds to pay for my stock this year as I've lost all my wedding and summer parties.
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  3. Old of New I'll be spending my cash at @The Powder Keg like other years ..
    If many retailers are losing out on their cat 4 and 3 displays then now is the time to definitely support them when it comes to November season.

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  4. maxywell

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    If they're losing out on cat 4 will that not mean some are gaining on cat 2/3? If there's fewer pro displays during the season then a lot of people who were planning on going will just buy their own.
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  5. elmo

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    No, imagine a densely populated area where people live in flats or high rise buildings, they usually attend the local council run shows but have no means of firing their own :(
    Display companies are losing out massively at the moment, weddings, carnivals etc that are the bread and butter and pay people’s wages
    It’s going to be quite a difficult year I think
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  6. It will be a shame as many public displays most likely won't be financially viable if social distancing and capacity restrictions are still in place which they probably will be so cat 2 and cat 3 stuff will probably be in high demand from those who have the space (and probably a fair few who don't)!