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  1. Andy_P

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    I've got a few bits and pieces, nothing too special. But I can't find my pictures of them!
    Here's a couple I've used in previous posts:

    Traf_Lt (Small).JPG

    I wish these were mine...

    Took those pics when the Firework Museum came to town....
  2. very nice items there andy
  3. got lots more:D

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  4. Hi Folks.
    Here is one from about 25 years ago.

    Regards Bernard.

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  5. Mixologist

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    Lets give this a go then.

    Some of the better bits of the collection:






  6. Mixologist

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    Quite easy this picture jobby, thanks for that masterchief!

    Lets put some rockets up too, everyone loves a rocket!


    The Wessex Rumpus is a beast!!
  7. looks like im going to have to take more pics of my collection to put up:D

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  8. See attached

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  9. Mixologist

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    haha me too! I have an older version of the tornado. Will try and get some snaps.
  10. hi mixologist
    nice pics mate.yes whatever you got put them up here and lets have a look.:D
  11. See attached

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  12. Shockwave Pyrotechnics

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    I've got a an old Brocks selection box from 1982 I think. It's still sealed with the celophane wrapper too, so no idea what's in it as I don't want to open it :)
  13. Mixologist

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    I think we only accept pictures now :p
  14. Shockwave Pyrotechnics

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    I'll dig it out tomorrow and take a pic

  15. gunpowderplot

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    i now a man called steve who has a nice collection!!!
  16. great pics ppl keep them coming.

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  17. Those snake like things, are they just bundled QM?
  18. hiya.they are jumping jacks and it looks like QM but i dont know whats inside them.i was 7 years old when they were banned so i can just about remember dad said he got up to all sorts of things with them:D
  19. RocketRev

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    Those "snake like things"...... makes me realise I'm getting old! :( I forget there's a whole generation grown up not knowing what Jumping Jack Crackers (otherwise known as Squibs, I think) are..... it must be 30 years or so since they were banned in the UK! I've many memories of seeing youths dropping them on the ground at public displays and of the spectators trying to dodge them..... you wouldn't want one to jump up your trouser leg and go "bang" there! So there was an advantage to young boys wearing shorts in those days, after all! Used in clear spaces they were great fun..... but sadly, like other fireworks of erratic flight, they got banned.

    Jumping Jacks weren't made of ordinary quick match..... even with the pinches, Quick Match varieties burn way too fast. I think something more like the slower burning traditional Catherine Wheel stuff was used..... not coiled, but folded so that when it burnt to the fold you got a bit of a bang and the thing would jump off in another direction - hence the common name "Jumping Jack Crackers".
  20. thanks for telling us that rev.come to think about it tho i feel old now because i can just about remember them and they were banned in 1976.:eek::D