Fireworks going off everywhere

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  1. danielpyronutter

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    Is there a celebration I don't know about as there's a lot of pyro going off round here?
  2. Where’s here ? Is it near there ?
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  3. danielpyronutter

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    Around the way :D
    Kingston and Sunbury on Thames
  4. Heard a couple myself, Glasgow area.
  5. I was also going to ask. Yesterday I saw fireworks going off from at least two different directions... mid afternoon.
  6. Battle of Amiens ends?
    RAF100? Somewhere online I found a long list of events.
    But I'd say what I witnessed was residential.
  7. Funny you mention that, as I saw a couple of cakes going off too. Perhaps just a few end of summer parties. I like to see fireworks going off, it brigtens/lightens up the night.

    I'm wondering if its going to "go mental" in the weeks before Bonfire Night. People seem to like to complain about that, but to be honest I've never seen much going off other that at the weekends before and after.
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  8. Da Main Mouse

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    Chad and latvia celebrate independence day on aug 11th.
  9. Not sure if there's many Latvians around here :D think end of summer/holidays is probably why.