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  1. Hi, hope everyone is keeping well under lockdown? It's been a while since I posted on here but have a disposal question.
    I have a load of old spent fireworks to dispose of. Probably about 20 odd cat2/3 that have all been fired and been dumped in my greenhouse for at least 2 years.
    I have a skip coming this weekend. Can I just throw the firework carcasses into the skip or should I check with the skip company first tha they're happy to take them?
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    just throw the firework carcasses into the skip they are all dead, last year i just burned the lot, year before we had a skip for rubbish so checked all had gone off and in they went.
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    They present no hazard if they are spent. If they question it - just explain that to them.
    I had someone refuse to take a skip because there were empty bottles with hazard labels on them (industrial solvents). I tried to explain they were empty and inert but they refused. So I took the labels off. They weren't happy but then had no reason not to take it.
    So if they moan, just peel the wrappers off. ;)
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  4. Place the spent carcasses into black bin liners place into the bin bags. I burn mine in the fire pit. I smash the clay bungs out first using a club hammer red bentonite clay is good for the flowers :)
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    It should probably be pointed out for newer members that burning them shortly after they've been used isn't a good idea and you should always check for unfired tubes before doing it.
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  6. Great, thanks all. That makes it easy for me.
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    Recycling refused to take mine althogg ugh h I placed in a cardboard box alongside the bin instead of actually in the bin. And at the tip one year one of the guys didn’t want me lobbing them in landfill, instead they had a wheelbarrow with water in it. Unfortunately I had an estate car packed to the rafters with spent carcasses which was not gunna fit in a wheelbarrow so he said ‘eff it’ and we lobbed them in general waste!
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    Put a couple in the bottom of your general waste bin each week/fortnight?
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    bonfire night last year we had a fire that they went in all was spent and nothing went wrong :) then for new year the next day we just put them in the bin and they took them without asking it filled a full bin
  10. For further clarity on reading. Spent fireworks must be soaked overnight to extinguish any embers and I guess render any unspent residue useless the tubes barrage casing can then be double wrapped in bin liners and disposed of in regular household waste. Not that many would do this here as we like to see the result of our purchases fired, but is a misfire or dud,same apply to unused fireworks soak overnight and again as above soak in a bucket of water overnight hope this helps and is proper clarity to the proposed question
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    Used to have a big burn pit years ago at a big house I looked after (9 lawns and a 1/4mile driveway). Loved saving up piles of carcasses after wedding shows and doing a big burn. I dowsed things in a brew of petrol and old engine oil and set it off with a 10shot candle from a distance. Not sure how I would have dealt with them if not for the convenience of this.

    Only ever had one surprise bombette. Heard it when I was in the bathroom.
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    Burning spent cakes and candles isn’t really the best way to get rid. After twice failing to spot a couple of unfired candle shots I decided to explore alternative means!

    A few stragglers standing close round the bonfire getting a last warm of the night.......:eek:
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    It's fine if you have tons of space and you just leave them to reduce down. Glad I was in the bathroom otherwise I may have gone to the bathroom in my pants when whatever went 'boom'!
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    Burning spent pyro is a pet hate of mine after I tried this once many years ago and an unexploded bombette flew out of the fire and nearly took me out. If you're going to do this then a big fire in a wide open space is probably better, or a burn pit, and wear PPE, I certainly would not be all huddled around the fire in the back garden.
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