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    Just got an email from the government asking for me to fill out a survey about fireworks due to a petition I signed to not ban fireworks.
    Anyone else had this?
  2. Krony

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    Yes me too.

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    I have too. It says they are launching a new inquiry into fireworks law. :(:(:(
  4. hofnerite

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    Yes I got one and have responded.
    For anyone who didn't get one, it's worth adding your name to one of the pro-firework petitions just to receive and fill this in as we need both sides of the argument to be heard.
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  5. beeney

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    Had a questionaire about the ban on fireworks petitions this morning.... Anyone else had one? Filled out with the same points that have already been said :)
  6. beeney

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    We want to understand more about why so many people have signed petitions about fireworks, and hear about their experiences. If you've signed a petition, or have strong views about fireworks, we'd be really grateful if you could complete this survey by 26 March 2019:

    Nearly 750,000 people have signed petitions about fireworks in the last three years.

    There are now 12 petitions calling for changes to the law. 11 call for greater restrictions on fireworks. The petition with the most signatures calls for a ban on fireworks being sold to and used by the public. There's also a petition against a ban.

    The Petitions Committee has scheduled several debates about fireworks in the House of Commons and, because so many people clearly have strong views, has now decided to investigate fireworks law in a new inquiry.

    You can find out more about the inquiry when details are published at 11am on Wednesday 27 February
  7. I haven't had the email yet.

    Is it specific to yourselves?

    Wondered if the link can be posted so others may fill it in.
  8. The 750,000 is a combination of all petitions so not a true reflection is it. How many duplicates in there?
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  10. Oh dear. Question 2 is a bit ambiguous

    True or false?

    It's against the law to sell fireworks designed for use in large open spaces to the general public.

    Of course it's NOT illegal to sell fireworks for use in large open spaces. However....... they then go on to say

    1. It's against the law to sell very powerful fireworks designed for use in large open spaces to the general public.
    Maybe the question should be re-worded to say PUBLIC spaces.
  11. hofnerite

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    Yes I noticed that. I did the same, I have a large open space and legally use fireworks. Badly worded!

    Even the answer is ambiguous. How do you define powerful?

    If those organising this debate/investigation don't even know what they are talking about, this will end up being yet another farce.
  12. beeney

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    Think it is just the one. But interestingly some of the questions were aimed to see if people knew some of the current laws at the start.... Before putting personal comments in
  13. hofnerite

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  14. I've had the following reply

    Dear Mr Priest

    Thanks for getting in touch.

    Our understanding is that very powerful fireworks, designed for use in large open spaces (i.e. category F4) can only be sold to people with specialist knowledge and not to the general public:

    I agree it could be clearer, perhaps referring to “the most powerful” fireworks (or specifically to category F4) but I don’t think its incorrect or misleading. Let me know if you think our interpretation is wrong.

    Many thanks.

    With best wishes,

  15. hofnerite

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    I've let them know too.
    Problem is the anti-brigade will consider anything more than a sparkler to be "very powerful" while pro-fireworkers would consider that to be either top-end F3 or F4.
    ... which will sway the results substantially.
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    FYI I merged the comments in the older thread which was bumped into this new one, because it was about the same thing, so everything is together.
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  17. hofnerite

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  18. I have been sent this survey email too, will look at it later but it doesn't sound too promising if they are making yet another decision very soon!
  19. I'm guessing they've set that up to run alongside the Scottish inquiry.The only positive thing is that it's being run by the pc and not the government so it doesn't mean they've changed their minds it's just the mps who want a chamge trying to put pressure on them.

    I'm guessing the 'inquiry' won't count towards the regulatory impact report that they have to do before changes are put forward?
  20. I'm all for an increase in the minimum age to 21 or 25 and also an increase in the licensing fee.
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