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  1. need to get the mind off this virus :( Sooo when it all gets better, what are your pyro plans? I'd like to visit @Chorlton Fireworks and @Fireworks Shop as I have been planning to but not had chnace yet. So will aim to do that before guy fawkes :) And @Blackpool Fireworks again too. And maybe more ah ha if time / money squaes up!

    my girlfriend is from Poland, so if we can we arw going to head there and meet her family, not sure but could well be there for new year so will see what they do for that! :)
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  2. hofnerite

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    I think my budget will be smaller this year and I'm sure there'll be many more in the same boat.
    I'll be using everything I have kept back though so a good opportunity for a clearout of everything and with less pyro to play with, a chance to be more creative.
    I do think that when you have a limit it forces you to think more about selecting the right piece for the job so it may well be a fun challenge in itself!
  3. maxywell

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    Plan so far is to stick with the stuff i've picked out over the last couple of months as long as it's still available.Hopefully my budget won't change but i think it's a bit 'wait and see' for everyone at the moment.
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  4. elmo

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    Not to be the bearer of doom n gloom but it’s going to be a hard year
    Explosions and factory closures in China early December then the wait for re-licensing then the virus over there, now the virus over here
    Livliehoods will be lost unfortunately
  5. My budget will be considerably smaller this year unless things change soon which i can't see happening, all my work has dried up so i have no money coming in at the moment, that is if we can even celebrate this year as they are saying it could be two years before it's all over, this year might as well be written off for every event!
  6. scoops

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    Definitely going down the creative route this year myself and also trying to use up what’s in the shed. Plenty of time to design now:)
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  7. Stash usage for me this year, suspect if this gets sorted by late summer it will be used in probably the biggest party since the end of WW2, nobody with give a ***k what’s let off by that time!
  8. Pyro Pete

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    It's a worry, I think a lot will depend on how long the lockdown and social distancing remains in place. The fireworks we already have for the village display - taking advantage of out of season sales and so on - can always be kept over for 2021. We've already cancelled the Easter egg hunt and the summer fete.
  9. maxywell

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    To be honest i don't think the semi lockdown that we're in now will still be in place come Nov.They mentioned relaxing it then increasing restrictions again later, i'd guess that they'll be aiming to have lesser restrictions in place for the end of the year before maybe increasing them at the start of next year again.If this went on right through the xmas sales period the economy would collapse so my guess is reduced restrictions for the last 3 months of the year.

    It's still likely that a lot of council events will be cancelled but i don't think the 500 crowd limit will be in place at that stage.Unless we're in a total lockdown sales to the public should be fine, maybe they'll even increase because people have nothing better to do.I wouldn't be surprised to see fewer supermarkets selling them though as they're likely to concentrate on keeping food on the shelves.
  10. Stash on hold until I'm confident we'll both keep our jobs. However I'm still perusing websites and planning pieces to purchase! Then it'll be spreading the :sponsorslove: and picking up bits from various suppliers rather than concentrating on one. Assuming my remit covering Aberdeen to Redruth continues post Covid and I can continue to visit different sponsors in person......
  11. RCT

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    VE Day celebration and firework display postponed, but stash already bought and just added the final pyro orders.Our thinking is that when lock down is lifted, people will want to come out , freedom and celebration. VE Day / Coronavirus restrictions lifted celebration day.Never thought of puting those 2 things in the same sentence before .

    November’s display very slightly reduced budget, but still planning and carrying on as normal. Still ordering pyro as normal.
    If the general public stop buying and we all hold back from spending, the sponsors we rely on probably won’t be in business any more, then what do we do ??
    That goes for business in general, if we all stop spending and prioritise food, anti bac hand wash and toilet rolls !! Are economy will crash and burn.For those that have suddenly lost their income I totally understand, but for those of us who haven’t, keep spending as normal.

    China lockdown pretty much finished and starting to get things back to normal (3 months Ish )
    I would hope that the EU and the United Kingdom could have this under control in the same time period ??
    And in case you are reading this thinking all is rosey in my life, think again!
    Last week we got badly flooded Wednesday to Saturday, both ground floors wrecked, all electrical appliances, floors everything ! Going to cost about 50-60K to replace and re build with no flood insurance.The only time my wife cryed , was last Sunday when she when to buy some basic food, bleach, disinfectant, toilet rolls ( didn’t think of saving those in the flood ) and couldn’t find anything and came back home without the simple things needed to clean the houses.
    We ‘v only managed to get one fridge delivered yesterday, out of the 3 destroyed and still can’t get a freezer or dishwasher.The reason given by Argos was that they were selling out and delivery was now 2 weeks, because of the people stockpiling!! Hello , we have just lost everything in 2 houses to River Severn Tide flooding and can’t replace the essential items because of all those greedy bastards stockpiling.My mother who is 74, with health problems has lost everything on the ground floor , including the actual floor !
    My eldest daughter has just had her GCSE’s cancelled and the next day lost her temp job (working in an old people’s home ) Like so many, my three girls lives have been turned upside down.
    But do we sit down and cry, wallow in our own self pity. Fuck No, we get up and carry on as normal, or as best we can in the current circumstances. ( Rant over )
    And yes I’v just confirmed and order with the PK and a couple of weeks ago with FC, like most businesses these guys need some income and cash flow plus I think it’s a good to to buy .
    Excuse my language but :-
    F... Brexit
    F... Coronavirus
    F... Flooding
    And celebrate life by lighting some pyro !
    Dan has already started I see !!
  12. Pyro Ed

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    It is looking that way. I can see things being relaxed by November, but still bet its a no no for public gatherings.
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  13. blackbat

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    I have a feeling that the UK entertainment industry won't be doing anything until this time next year at the earliest.
  14. deans6571

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    I bought my 2020 stash back in December so its all currently sitting boxed up, in my garage.

    I literally only have one other family round each year for firing night so will just have to see what happens with regards to 'lockdowns' , later in the year. I guess, if we are STILL in lockdown by then, I could still fire everything in the garden and inform all the neighbours to watch from their gardens (we have set up a WhatsApp group for others needing help during the current crisis - 50+ members so far!!) instead!
  15. maxywell

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    How will deliveries work if a shop is shut? Guessing there would be way too many people asking for deliveries during the season and they'd need to restrict it to their area only?
  16. The do i buy early applies to customers and retailers this year,very strange one this year
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  17. maxywell

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    I'm very tempted to order soon but also getting that feeling that a lot could happen in 7 months, what happens if it's only essential deliveries that are allowed at that stage or worse still the shop goes under before then...
  18. blackbat

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    Pay by credit card and you'll be fine.
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  19. Hence the been to see John already post

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  20. I know my 30th is likely to be spent on lockdown/isolation so I will be having a small display in the garden!
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