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    Wow, I just couldn't help myself picking up a few of the sets from the deals that have gone up today in the Sponsor News section from Fireworks South Wales, unbelievable prices on some quality gear, get em before their gone I say.

    Thanks John
  2. Well said Dan. Just put a order in myself some brilliant bits and bobs going. Thanks @Fireworks South Wales.
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  3. Yup 100% agreed if I hadn't already had visited John and picked up few a pieces, and requested some other pieces I'd have been banging his door down to for those offers.
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  4. jezz you know it makes sense
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  5. Well I bought some, John boxing up for me :)
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    I think you need to go back to business school John and learn how to make a profit. ;)
  7. You buy them all Dan?
  8. i did and they suspended me "must do better next time"
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  9. No complaints here John
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    Not quite, maybe half :D
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  11. Wow. Some great pieces there to backfill stashes with, very, very good prices.
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  12. Holy f-- that does look good! what would y'all recommend? <Texans Accent> :tumbleweed:

    looks like an autumn trip is on the cards!
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  14. I had a feeling this year was going to be another increase in purchases, but wasn't expecting to have finalised the bulk of my stuff by May! Email sent to @Fireworks South Wales to see what @danielpyronutter has left for the rest of us;)
  15. I've gone for the one of rock and roll, Roar and Mojito £28, the £38 one with Blue Star Eruption, and the £40 Borthers pack.
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  16. Good stuff
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  17. Iv put a message in, fingers crossed there is some left!
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  18. And the answer is *some*! Couple of missing items, but more than adequate subs. I've been relatively good and gone for the Jorge and Hallmark sets. Uran and Wenus were on my list for this year already, so well happy. And Hallmark Roar looks beautiful.
    Right, that's me done. Apart from some fountains obviously. And a selection box. Ooh,forgot rockets.

    And wheels.:rolleyes:
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  19. Surprised John has anything left, few hidden boxes at the back of the container lol
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