Fireworks through letterbox

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  1. Already having few problems around my way with this and police already been involved which has already called for fireworks to be banned. I just wonder if I should buy 25 selection boxes under 5kg total so I have something to light for the next 25 years when fireworks get banned. Some people just do not help our cause. Nobody on the website blamed the person. It was all the fireworks fault. When I pointed this out I got some good abuse.
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    Yea same round my way little scroats getting hold of king rockets and setting them off on the floor :( were the hell do they get money like that !!! Also I was. Trying a few of the new primed products last night and I got tied into the same group of little s***s even though I was trying them legally and safely !!! Won't be long I think before legislation of some sort will come in
  3. There appears to be some rogue suppliers who don't care who they do trade with.

    As I said yersterday, our local Iranian car wash is now selling fireworks! They don't even have a shop or office - just a 6x4 shed!
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    It's an interesting moral dilemma. Someone pours petrol through a letterbox do you blame Esso? Of course not.
    Someone shoots a person in America people blame the availability of guns.
    A person gets stabbed and the people of Sheffield don't lose a minutes sleep.

    Fear not, Trump will sort it all out.
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  5. TGR


    Agreed, but a lot of the misused fireworks are probably the ones that have been nicked.

    If you think it is unlawful then report it to Trading Standards. :busted:
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    It's anti-social behaviour at best, and criminal behaviour with endangerment to life at worse. You can police it, but how far do you go?

    The crux of the issue is preventing fireworks getting into the wrong hands, but that's not easy and as much as you limit that process, you'll always have some idiots stealing them.

    You also blame the offender(s) for any nefarious activity, but again not so easy when the wider perception of fireworks is somewhat taken with a dim view and those not so knowledgeable would rather blame someone else!

    I love this time of year, but also approach it with some trepidation - far too many idiots about that see them as a 'weapon'. But even as a community like this, there's nothing you can do it seems... unless you're beating the drum of 'ban fireworks 4 life' e-petition brigade. :rolleyes:

    Just report anything suspicious and hopefully someone listens to you. Hopefully...
  7. Another problem is we now live in a world dominated by terrorism. Governments use legislation around terrorism to reach far and wide and using fireworks like this is likely to see the government branding misuse as some form of terrorist activity. Once that happens, its game over.

    If they wanted to they could very easily put a ban on the sale completely and at very short notice. I genuinely believe within a few years the sale of fireworks to the general public will be banned in this country. Its just one bad news story away! There are so many wankers about these days they really don't care and the limits some are prepared to go to is quite frightening, they really think nothing of the danger to peoples lives.:(
    I love fireworks as much as anyone but if it means we save lives then I'd have to say the banning is probably the only way to stop this.
  8. Ok i'll bite!

    What a load of rubbish, 'save lives'? When was the last time somebody was killed by a legal cat 2/3 firework in the UK? I'm guessing it's been a good few years.The general trend for injuries has been downwards with almost a year on year reduction for the past decade and across most areas misuse has been on the decline.There's stories like this every year and there still would be even if they were banned because if people are getting them illegally now a change to the law won't stop them.As for the terrorism comment I won't even go into how ridiculous that is.The only part I agree with is that they are likely to be more restricted within a few years but even the e petitioners aren't asking for a ban (even though that's what they want) so I don't see that happening in the short to mid term anyway.

    A few posts on this thread sound suspiciously like fab campaigners at the wind up. :rolleyes:
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    Sure there are a few idiots still around, but 'these days' there are actually far less than there used to be, you seem to be implying the opposite. I grew up in the early 2000's and literally every estate I lived on in Cheshire and North Staffordshire there were kids (mainly 10 to 14 years old so too young to even buy fireworks) misusing them left right and centre, literally everywhere you looked. Things have improved a great deal since then yet no one seems to give that fact any recognition whatsoever. That certainly doesn't help the cause.

    This is a frankly ridiculous logic. I love cars, unfortunately some people drive them like idiots and as a consequence, seriously hurt or kill others/themselves, but I wouldn't advocate banning motor vehicles because its 'the only way to stop' such tragedies, and I doubt many others would either. Why are fireworks any different?

    Knives are misused and seriously injure/kill people, but we're not all eating using plastic cutlery.

    Tools can be dangerous, but we don't ban the sale of drills and screwdrivers to the general public and limit them to professional tradesmen.

    Steel poles are dangerous, you could beat someone over the head with one ... You get the idea - I could go on all day listing things that could be possibly dangerous in the wrong hands or if simply used incorrectly.

    Banning things every 5 minutes is not the answer, the problem lies with the person perpetrating the act, not the fireworks themselves.
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    Most of the problem is caused by under 18's who find amusement in these kind of things, if anything needs banning then lets ban all under 18's from leaving the house outside of school hours.
    This will greatly reduce all elements of criminal behavior and stop misuse of anything, if they want to use fireworks in the house that's the parents problem and the insurance companies.
    Allow the teachers to use the cane again, let the bobbies smack them around the ear, let them be afraid when a stranger says " I know where you live and I'll tell your Mam and Dad". It didn't do me any harm..........
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    It's not a lack of fear that causes antisocial behaviour, it's a lack of respect. Kids should not face violence from a teacher or policeman, it's not their role to raise children, it's a parents role.
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  12. Don't forget though that an under 18 can't buy fireworks, therefore it's their supplier who's to blame, whether that's a dodgy shop or an older friend or relative. As @alasdar says it's a parents role to bring their kids up properly to respect other people and property, that's where all the blame lies imo...
  13. We have alot of bankings and old railway areas near me, couple days ago walking through them to go see my nana, some little shite set an air bomb off in my vicinity, trying to scare me. Didnt work, took 3 loud and clear shot tubes off him from aldi. He got his 'macho' dad, who came to my flat, and was unprepared for my answers. He left tail between his legs. Why do adults think its acceptable for kids to walk out the house with explosives in hand :censored:
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    You are being sarcastic? o_O