Firing kit wanted, cash waiting!

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  1. I’m looking to purchase some nice kit, I currently have the firestorm kit so I’m always open to purchasing cheap firestorm modules 18 or 36cue but I’m ideally looking to purchase a professional firing system with lots of cues although I may also be interested in other smaller kits like PyroSure and so on so please feel free to attatch a picture and description of the kit you have for sale.
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  2. firestorm is a profesional piece of kit,
    used by loads of spfx guys, they do 36 cue mods as well, why not just add modules
  3. Hi Dave, unfortunately easy Pyro don’t have them in stock, I’m still waiting for 2x 36cue modules from them, I will be expanding the firestorm kit over time but I would also like to give some other kits a try.
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    Cobra all the way
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  6. My thought would be to see what's available 2nd hand. There are lots of cobra units from people who are upgrading.
  7. Yeah 2nd hand is what I’m after but I don’t like the cobra kits (personal preference) so anything other than cobra.
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    @fireTEK or @Wireless Pyro Solutions may offer good alternatives then to your current system.
  9. Unfortunately that's my point. I'm sure with £2k you can buy quite a good firetek system new.
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    I have used FireOne, Pyrosure and Cobra. FireOne is the dogs goolies. Pyrosure - far too much cabling. Cobra - Overpriced and sparse. WPS not tried, but have ordered it. Has everything Cobra has plus more for a better cost. imo, FireOne is tops. I'd opt for the WPS based on what it can do and the kit you get for your money.
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  11. Really don't like shilling my own products, but for around £2k you can get 288 cue WPS system (WPS pro based) or 120 cues WPS hobby based, or something in-between. It really comes down to your preferences and use case.
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  12. I have 4 x RX18 modules and 1 x RX36 FireStorm module. After 3 years use I am a massive advocate. In truth I feel the 18 Cue modules are better to have as I can have modules spread around the firing site close to each bank of cakes/shells with minimal need to lengthen e-match. The only thing I mentioned to Andrew that is missing is the illumined numbers on the remote like Cobra has. I enquired about a iPad module rather than buy the scripted controller as I like the size of the TX1 as it allows me to be in close to see the items light. He mentioned the TX1 was designed for SFX, and it would not be worth the R&D for such a limited market. If you have invested in FireStorm why try another kit unless it is not performing to your needs. Remember you will not get back what you have invested when you sell on.
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  13. Ask nick at Cotswold fireworks if he could demo firetek to you he’s the uk distributor/go to guy if you ever need to borrow extra kit for big shows/comps ours is available to use foc under the rules of ‘you bend it you mend it you break it you buy it’
  14. On the 14/8 we're using 37 modules with 100 firing points for letter/number printing. Your welcome to Join us..... in Malta.
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  15. Sounds interesting! Private mailed you
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    FireTEK, 48 Cues per Module & Wireless!

    31 modules, firing 1,421 cues with 1,686 products, across 100 metre frontage.

    FireTEK performed perfectly with all but three products firing. Most likely down to the heavy rain. A failure rate of 0.17%

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  17. Thanks everyone for the comments! I now know what I would like in a firing system, I’m looking for around 500cues, it must be able to be scripted using Finale 3D fireworks software, I would mainly be using it for pyromusicals, i like the look of the latest fireTEK equipment but it’s not available on there website can anyone point me in the right direction to speak with someone from FireTEK?
    Thanks in advance!
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    Pyrobrit - Nick Woodruffe @ Cotswold Fireworks.
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  19. Pm Laurian
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