firing system from china

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  1. got gifted from a friend a firing system not sure if its any good does anyone know about them or has used them before. he bought it but never used it

    120 Cues Fireworks Firing System Remote Control Multifunctional Show New Year is the name that came on the paper i googled the name and found a listing on ebay for it

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    120 AA Batteries required! :eek:

    They are OK starter units and work well. Keep them dry though as they really don't like rain.
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  3. i wont be needing that many ques haha but i did bulk buy batteries :D i got like 150 AA batteries for 15£ Duracell ones aswell
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  4. whats a good way of testing ques without wasting ematches?
  5. I have one, it never let me down till nye last year which I believe was down to some of the batterys not changed from the year before, always remember to remove the batterys before storing it.
  6. yes i do that with most things anyway
  7. I forgot :( and got the fresh batterys mixed up with new ones
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    Both wires, it's a bulb. Insert in place of an igniter:

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  10. Do you test with bulbs every time you go to use the ques and thanks for the image ill get some of these
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    No, usually just to check each unit initially and familiarise yourself with how it works. Here's a better shot of one in a 4 cue unit that I was playing around with at the weekend:

    Screenshot 2020-10-12 at 21.20.53.png
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  12. Ah ok thanks for that i will have to give it ago this year I used to have just a 4 que one with a small remote so ill have to get used to the bigger one haha
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    Do they actually have wires sticking out of the bottom? It's not clear to me from the eBay link :).
  14. I think they are like the old Christmas tree light bulbs where you can bend the wires to replace the plastic
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    @blackbat you have to fold them out and then snip one part so you can extend them. I'll take a photo, hang on a sec...
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    OK so they come as shown on the left, you just bend the wires down (middle). If not long enough for your terminals then snip one part of each side to make the wire longer. BTW thanks to @Dodgey who first posted this Ebay link :)

    (Fixed image to show correct terminal being cut on bulb:)

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  17. For the last bulb do I need to cut them and join them together?
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    Many thanks, Pete :)
  19. From @Pyro Pete last photo - I would suggest stopping at second stage as at third stage you might break the wrong wire.
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