firing system from china

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  1. I've bought some ill give them a test thanks
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    Haven't cut the wrong one yet - without doing that they're too short to fit into the terminals on a DB04 - at least mine are.
  3. Pretty sure the last bulb in that photo won't work :D
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    :D I've got you now - I did that in a rush for the photo.

    Correction: Make sure you cut the correct wire, the inside of the pairs on these bulbs, if you want to extend :)
  5. I use a minor variation on petes idea (but essentially its the same thing)- i got fed up with breaking bulbs / wires, so when i re did the bathroom i kept a couple of the recesed light fitting which work on 12v capless bulbs (i get mine in screwfix or toolstation but other places have them) i didnt need the transformer, I wired the fittings to the point of simply having two wires on each with a bulb in it as it would normally have, then i just put the wires into the various cues on the firing unit and test each cue that way. it saves messing around changing fiddly little bulbs. If i can dig my way into the garage later, and then figure out how to post pictures, ill post an image.
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    No - if you look inside the glass, the inner wires are only held in place by the glass, to form the loop - they don't connect to anything inside the bulb. So by cutting the inners you are simply freeing up the looped cables on the outside - gaining 100% more length.

    I have to do that on all mine or they won't fit in the speaker terminals used by Cobra, Pyrosure etc.

    Takes seconds with snips
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    I’ve never had to cut the wires for testing on the WPS system :)
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    Using the same bulbs linked to above?
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    @K9Girl is correct - just tried it and they fit fine into WPS slats without snipping the wire:

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    Yes, I got the 501 sidelight bulbs from Amazon, here :)

    Autobulbs 10 X 501 Capless Sidelight Car Bulb Bulbs Interior Number Plate Side Light 12V 5W
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    A wry observation from me about getting those from Amazon : Last week I placed one order for 4 packs of 10 at £2.69 per pack with free delivery. I got 4 separate order confirmation emails, 4 separate dispatch emails and 4 separate deliveries spread over 2 days!!! Rather than put each little box of bulbs into one bag for one delivery for the one order, Amazon chose to treat it as 4 separate orders and sent 4 packages out, each incurring a delivery charge. The most cost ineffective way of doing the business, the most plastic bag usage way of doing it, too. So much for Amazon's usual cost and delivery efficient methods!
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  12. I bought mine of ebay last night and got them this morning in a paper envelope 2.69 for 10 bulbs free delivery aswell
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    At least you got them. I ordered four packs of these from eBay had the confirmation email and the dispatch email but they never did turn up.
  14. Contact ebay about it you will get a refund or they'll send out more
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    I ordered 6.................. :rolleyes:
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    An update to my wry observation:
    I've just had an email from Amazon apologising that the delivery of my light bulbs is running late. They were due to be delivered today, but Amazon is now hoping to get them delivered in the next day or two.......... But I've already got them! The first batch was delivered 3 days early and the second batch 1 day early! o_O:confused:
  17. I've had alot of stuff on amazon delivered early but said on the site that's its running late its because they don't always use amazon delivery and used royal mail etc which they don't update the seller thats its been delivered
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  18. I tested the bulbs that @Pyro Pete posted on the system and I didnt have to cut any wires
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  19. There just 501 bulbs any garage will sell u some there cheap
  20. I have one of those units, it works well but make sure not to let it get wet and be wary as some of my cues have fired when turning the units on