Firing Systems - Overkill? (Quick question)

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    Hi all....hope you all enjoyed the weekend (looks like many did, judging by the all the posts on here!).

    Quick question - is using a firing system (i.e. like a 12 cue firing system), for a garden display, a little overkill, in your opinions?

    Only reason I ask is that I had my annual garden display on Saturday (just for my family and one other), and we had around £450 worth of pyro, which consisted of more than 12 cakes, a number of candles and a large number of rockets - all hand fired by myself, which I actually enjoy (up close and personal and all that!!).

    If I was to look at an electrical system for future displays, I've kinda come to the conclusion that over £100, would probably end up, on the system itself + its associated accessories, even before I started to think of purchasing the actual pyro products, and that its probably overkill for a garden display anyway.

    Are these more suited for displays which are typically bigger and more complicated than your average garden display?
  2. Jon

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    you first need to ask whether you enjoy firing or watching?
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  3. Well, the thing with decent firing systems is: you buy them and can re-use them for years to come. With Pyro - you use them and that is it.
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    ....I like to do both!!!
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    ....yea, I guess there is that - it would be like an investment. Initial outlay would be big, but then, the system is there to be used over and over.

    A 12 cue system would still limit me to 12 cakes though...........
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    Electronic firing systems can add a new level of interest to your hobby, you could start timing candles to cross over etc which is hard to hand fire across a field (I was watching a pro show failing to do that last night as it happens). As @Wireless Pyro Solutions suggests, you have it every year after so its not that expensive, say you are thinking of having displays for the next 10 years, that hundred pound becomes £10 a year - so a small cake!
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    Id say go for it. Nothing ventured nothing gained. I used my first firing system this year and it was awesome. I still hand lit a few loose fireworks, but all my big stiff was on the remote. roll on the new year to do it all again.
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    ..perfect - thanks for replies guys, appreciated.

    Will look into it.........
  9. Jon

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    I would look at something expandable....yeah it costs more but you might decide in a couple of years you wish you had ;)
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  10. Not a fan of self advertising, but to supplement Jon's post: have a look at WPS tiny. You can start out small and if at some stage you want more functionality, you can get WPS mote and have more advanced features.
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    The Tiny is great.............but get the Mote, the tiny comes with a remote with no on off.............which turned out to be a 'tiny' issue for me on sat :rolleyes::confused:
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    I should add that I do not have any WPS gear but I was browsing their website after you mentioned this and I tend to agree that the WPS tiny would be hard to beat for price and expand-ability (yeah don't think thats a word).
  13. Well I bought a 12 cue system for this year and I loved the fact I could stand back to fire and watch as well without sprinting back and fro. 12 cue's for my garden is plenty and you can fire 2 fireworks from the same cue so you could fire up to 24 fireworks easily. I only fired 9 from the system this year as I like the hand firing aspect on certain fireworks (Fountains) but I loved the little system.
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    The thing with firing systems is once you try one, even a small say 12 cue, you tend to get drawn into thinking "what could I do if I had x more cues".... they really are great to use. - if you want to upgrade, there's always UKFR members happy to buy used kit so you can help fund your next system.

    I have had a 12 cue pro from Wireless fireworks, a couple of Rhinofires from Easypyro and a Cobra system from Easy pyro/ Pyrowinkle - all have found new owners through UKFR. This year I changed to the WPS Pro system which is fantastic value for it's capabilities.
    I fired 82 cues scripted for my display - including a 30 shot sweep with sky blasts 1/10 sec apart and got to enjoy watching great pyro from a good viewpoint :)
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  15. I can confirm that this is true! :D
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  16. Cullann

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    Well, you could have several cakes on each cue. But even so, that probably leaves plenty of other bits that can be hand fired - best of both worlds!
    Or you can set up several mini displays all fused up in advance and move the 12-cue between them once each is fired. It only takes a few minutes to unplug one lot and plug in the next.
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  17. It is fun to light stuff by hand. It's also nice to sit with everyone and enjoy watching the show sometimes ;).
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  18. scoops

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    Gotta say £450 ain't your average garden display! With a system you can add depth and width to your display that you'll never achieve by hand firing alone. You'll be surprised what you can do with 12 cues and a little know how, all available via this forum:)
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    ....can I also ask a noob question about these systems - how would one connect 2 cakes then to one cue? I thought it was one cue for each bit of pyro, hence my earlier post stating that a 12 cue system would limit me to 12 cakes?!

  20. You just put 2 wires into the clip. When the system produces a pulse it travels down both wires.
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