Firing Systems - Overkill? (Quick question)

Discussion in 'Firing Systems And Fusing Fireworks' started by deans6571, Nov 7, 2016.

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    Yes :)
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    I will never need, due to budget restraints, for 144 cues, and it’s out of my price range :eek:
  3. Very nice. I'd like to go down this route at some point.
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    @Wireless Fireworks

    Can you please let me know what the differences are between these, as they're all 12 cues and they're all similarly priced...?! :confused:

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    The 2 x 12 cue units are not really different, just diff manufacturers. The other one is simply 3 separate ones, so you could have 3 separate firing areas, with less wire used. :)
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    @deans6571 What you need is a well cared for, lavishly boxed 32 cue.......... after Nov 3rd that is ;):p
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    The advantage of the 2 x 12 cues are they both have safety switches. @K9Girl has explained the advantage of 3x4 cues.
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  8. Other slight differences - The 12 Cue Pro can be programmed with the included remote to allow ALL FIRE or sequential fire (with very short intervals).
    The MS12Q gives you that option too, but you need to buy a special firing remote for it.

    The 12 Cue Pro uses more batteries, so gives out a more power to the igniters.

    The MS12Q comes with crocodile clips which allow you to power it from an external battery.

    Hope this helps.
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    ...nice one people - thanks for all the info.
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  10. The individual 4 cue systems can also be reprogrammed like that can't they. I have 3 myself and I'm sure I remember doing that at some point.

    Edit: I don't think they can be programmed for intervals actually, but ALL FIRE and reprogramming the buttons for different cues is possible IIRC.
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    The 4 cues can be reprogrammed so you could set a load to the same 4 channels to do fronts etc.
  12. Ah, yes you are right! I'm not sure you can remove that feature once you program it though on the 4 cues.
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    ...definitely could have done with a wireless system as trying to hand fire everything to music was really hit and miss this year!!

    Will be investing in one at the end of the month...!

    Quick question though - if using the consumer match igniters, which I assume fire a single 1 second flame burst, would these light the fuse on normal bits of pyro (i.e the thin green fuse found on rockets, selection boxes and cakes) first time?

    Only reason I ask is that I'm a little worried in case using these further down the line and when hitting the remote button, it sends the command to light the ignitor but the resulting flame actually doesn't light the fuse....
  14. What I do is remove the little orange sleeve from the end of the e-match/consumer and stick that straight into the first tube where the visco goes in. Possibly :quasi: but that's what I do!
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    You can get Visco to Ematch connectors or buy the consumer Ematch :)
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    .....I'm not advanced enough to do that! :oops:
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    ...I'm even more confused now :oops:o_O

    What do you mean??! Aren't consumer match and e-match the same thing?

    So, if I am looking to buy this:


    ...with the top end connected to the cake, are these 100% guaranteed to light the fuse with a single press of the remote button?!
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    Those are the consumer ematch yes, the actual pyrotechnic end are the same, pro ematch dont have the open bit to slip the visco through.;)
  20. deans6571

    deans6571 Supports UKFR what would work best then, these:


    ..or these: