Firing Systems - Overkill? (Quick question)

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  1. Why always leave the shroud on?
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    I think to reduce the chances of friction due to the lift charge/QM rubbing against the pyro part of the igniter in transit or when inserting into a tube. It's all about minimising risk.
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    deans6571 Supports UKFR is it best to actually insert the fuse, down the shroud like this:


    ...does this guarantee a better ignition?
  4. Hey,

    Sorry I wasn't around yesterday answer this.

    Excuse the poor Chinese translations here - this is the printed instructions the manufacturer in China have given me this season for Talon - However the twisting of the fuse is also a great idea of Consumer Match igniters too.

    Talon Instructions.jpg

    Last night I did a small garden display with E-Match and the connectors
    I cut the end of the fuse on each firework at 45 degrees, then installed the connector and ematch. Everything fired perfectly. I've used all types of igniters for different displays in the past - For Talon and CM, twisting the fuse as above really helps as some fireworks have a strong lacquer on them to prevent cross ignition.

    Hope this helps.
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    I had 1 pack of of Consumer Match a while back, thats how I did it, snip the fuse like I said then try to have that near to the end of the match, dont put it past the match head, I then added a piece of tape to secure it in place. I had 100% success, but you cant guarantee that...............;)

    The best way to go, I get your firing system, buy a box of short CM or EM and sacrifice them. Practive with some visco, until you are happy with the result, you'll quickly learn what works :p
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    Buy my 32 Cue system and I'll give you some Ignitors & visco to play with :p;)
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    @K9Girl ....just looked at your selling post - that looks like an impressive bit of kit!! :cool:

    I was looking at initially buying a 12 cue system and then expanding it further down the line with a second 12 cue system so your 32 would probably suit me better!!!!

    I'll send you a PM as opposed to discussing prices on here...!!
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  9. deans6571

    deans6571 Supports UKFR following my firing list which I posted elsewhere, this is what I fired this year:


    I have since added the 'Cues' column on the right, as I am buying a 32 cue system soon, but just wanted to add it here to see if the 32 cue system would have actually been enough, to fire all my pyro (by the looks of it - it would have been!! Selection box pyro bits and pieces would have been spread over 5 cues; Wizard 12 barrage pack would have been 3 cakes per cue. All multiple bits per cue would have been connected in series).

    Is this generally how I would utilize a system such as this?!
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