Firing Tonight

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  1. fozzboy

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    Firing tonight!! Some labels damaged others can’t sell and not for me. image.jpg
  2. Surprised that Spring Magic won't sell? A UK made set piece is a rare item these days
  3. fozzboy

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    Me To Mate, I did list on here.. I may not fire it shame to really
  4. Enjoy. Will there be video? Thanks.
  5. Yes I definitely would not fire that
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  6. fozzboy

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    I am keeping the wheel also !!! , I can't find a post suitable lol... I will try and get a Video of it.. just put some Visco on them just a little helping hand... I have 2 Standard Coloured Double Air Bombs also.. But live on a Farm with Horses quite Close ... Hmmmm Shall I
  7. Mystic Juggler

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    I'll gladly re home the spring magic too save it from being burned. And the Brocks rocket. :) pm let me know what you want for it. I shouldnt really but that seems mad to burn them.
  8. fozzboy

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    Well Here are the results .....

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  9. Jamie Thornton

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    Very nice, really enjoyed watching, I get it that the lablels were too damaged for collectors, the jewelled pyramid at the end though, just wonderful, the old glitter effect, stunning, thats what I really miss about the old British stuff, these days its all this crackle stuff with no variation, really nice to see the standard plastic head rocket in action, the burst not quite as I recall but not bad for something that is possibly over 25 years old.
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  10. Thank you for showing these. Yes, Jewelled Pyramid showed the distinctive, and very pretty, Standard effect. The Scarlet Fury blew through so a good job it had a long fuse!. That was always an unusual firework - a red flare with a coloured mine effect underneath.
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  11. Sparkler

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    Thanks for filming them Alan, always nice to see, the Jewalled pyramid performed well , I find the old fountains are normally ok but like the Scarlet Fury I have had a Floodlight and a Shooting Star do a similar thing, the must loose their lift over time.

    Great watch
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  12. Escht

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    Had same thing with a Standard Chrysanthenum Fountain, ......... I've got a water damaged size 20 box to fire at some point, also fired a Snow Storm and that worked well all be it with a visco fuze to get it started.
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  13. fozzboy

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    Kevin , if you haven't got time to Fire the size 20 , pop it over I will do it for you :)
  14. Escht

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    aah but the time it would take me to drive down to Oxford and back would be better used setting them off........ now if only I could work out how to use video on my camera..............:rolleyes:
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  15. This made me laugh all the videos haha! Great job
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