First Confirmed Price Increase

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  1. I won't mention any brands, but we've had our first confirmed price increase of 23% to cover the additional costs of shipping. To be honest, that's if you can even get it here!! Spaces on ships are like rocking horse s**t!

    It's most definitely going to be an interesting year!
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  2. Could end up lot of the stock sitting in China and end up coming after the 5th November worst case
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    That's not too bad to be honest, at least for me personally. With container prices tripling I was thinking it could be 50% +. Anything below 30% is a win in my opinion, while it won't go unnoticed I don't think it would result in the masses ditching pyro this year.
  4. Think some companies will definitely miss the boat after waiting for (praying for) prices to come down. There are a few that are not brining in anything now and early factory closures on the 20th June due to the '100 years of communist celebrations' have not made things easier. Factories then have to ask permission and get a special licence to open at the start of July to produce as much as possible before the summer heatwave shutdown until September.

    To an extent I think you can forget the price increases that could be here to stay, as only one shipping company will carry explosives and can dictate the prices they want. It's more down to who has stock this year, than the price increase.
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