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    Hi everyone

    After last years BFN display having to be cancelled due to Covid, I've decided I want to go all out this year.

    I'm in the process of planning my first pyromusical for BFN and was hoping you guys could offer some advice? My general music taste is to the heavier side of things so I'm struggling a bit when trying to find songs that are more mainstream that would suit the majority of people coming to watch, I've already got a couple of tracks planned but want a couple more to bring it in around the 10 minute mark.

    I wondered if there is anything I should particularly look for in song choices when choosing music? How much does the tempo of song matter, for a first show is it generally easier to sync to faster / slower music? I will be electronically firing them.

    Also any tips of do's and don't would be welcome :)

    If I can put a show on that is a fraction of the ones I've seen on here I will be more than happy!

    Thanks in advance
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    Likewise love to know what the current trends are...

    Some light reading in the meantime ;) (if you search the forum for "music" or "musical" there are also plenty of threads covering the technical stuff):

    Also check out the musical shows in the Events sub-forum, the Firework Championships, Abingdon ( @Illusion Fireworks knows how to put pyro to music) etc. for inspiration.
  3. With a pyro musical a place to start might be a "theme" - perhaps movies, west end theatre etc.. That at least limits the choice and provides some link between each section, rather than a random mix. Or you could choose songs that relate to something, Cars or Space etc...

    I would love to do a display with Movie Theme Tunes, such as Back to the Future, Ghost Busters etc. or perhaps just stick to one move series such as James Bond.

    Some Classic Music is very atmospheric and lends itself well to pyro-musicals.

    Just an idea where I would start.

    Look at Audacity as an option for music editing etc...
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  4. I did my first pyromusical to a section of Right Here Right Now as a bit of a fun start before moving on to O Fortuna which has such great variety. Which I think is very important for pyromusical, having the variety, rather than something repetitive. For my next one I’ve designed a show Thriller, which was a bit more of a challenge as it’s a bit repetitive (at least I feel it is)

    Also, biggest lesson I learned, buy the loudest speakers possible!!! Otherwise no one will hear the damned music
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    I look for tracks that I can cut down in duration to create more variety. Some intense, some quieter.

    Psy - Gangnam Style
    One Republic - Counting Stars
    Blue Man Group - Rods & Cones
    Owl City - Fireflies
    Strings On Fires
    Chemical Brothers - Galvanise
    Hall Of The Mountain King​

    Ellie Goulding - Burn
    Owl City - Fireflies
    One Direction - Best Song Ever
    Florence & The Machine - Spectrum
    Abba - Mamma Mia
    Queen - Don't Stop Me Now
    Evanescence - Bring Me To Life​

    David Guetta - Dangerous
    Charlie Daniels Band - Devil went down to Georgia
    Jacksons - Blame It On The Boogie
    Neon Trees - Everybody Talks
    Orff - Fortuna
    Pitbull - Don't Stop The Party
    Eiffel 65 - I'm Blue
    Skrillex - Bangarang​

    Chinese Drums
    Frozen - Let It Go
    Florence & The Machine - Spectrum
    Pendulum - Propane nightmares
    Aluna George - Attracting Flies
    David Bowie - Let's Dance
    Herefore - Parcels
    Pendulum - Propane nightmares​

    Sheppard - Say Geronimo
    Bjork - Oh So Quiet
    Ed Sheeran - Castle On The Hill
    Coldplay - Hymn For The Weekend
    Strings On Fire
    Chemical Brothers - Galvanise
    Hall Of The Mountain King​

    Jax Jones - Instruction
    Owl City - Fireflies
    Earth Wind & Fire - Boogie Wonderland
    Clean Bandit - Symphony
    Pitbull - Don't Stop The Party
    Eiffel 65 - I'm Blue
    The Greatest Showman​

    Lion King - I Just Can't Wait To Be King
    Billie Eilish - Ocean Eyes
    Snare Z - In N Out
    Weather Girls - Raining Men
    Pitbull - Don't Stop The Party
    Britney - Toxic​
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  6. Pyro Pete

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  7. PyroCraig

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    Thanks guys, some really useful advice and fantastic song suggestions.

    It's been a good evening of reading through past forum posts and listening to some good new music (to me) and some that I had forgotten about.

    I've hopefully narrowed it down to a handful that I just need to work out what will fit and what I have enough ques to do them justice.

    I've been practicing with Audacity and starting to get the hang of trimming and joining songs together now.

    I found your display earlier when going through some past posts, those music choices worked really well together and the fireworks you set off timed well with the pace of the songs. The write up you did was a really good read as well.

    That's the next task to sort! Currently trying to see if I can borrow some speakers this year before I look at buying one, as I don't think my UE megablast will quite be up to the task. Moved house and bought a firing system this year so the sound system would hopefully be one for next years budget..
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  8. Nayls

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    Out of interest, what firing system did you go for, and how many cues have you got?

    I'm looking to do one this year, but my 12 cue dbR04 just won't quite cut it!

  9. PyroCraig

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    I went for a Cobra 72 cue with slats. I got one of their starter packages in their spring sale. It was the fact you can precisely programme it all in their software that sold it for me as well as that the system can be expanded if required.. I'm already thinking what I may need in their next sale!

    They are expensive but I saw it as an investment to use for many years. I've had a couple of the Chinese systems not work after a couple of years.

    That being said the ignite system came out just after I received mine and if I had seen that before hand I may of been swayed to that instead.
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  10. hofnerite

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    You'll never look back having gone for Cobra.. the sky is the limit now!
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  11. Nayls

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    Yes I am considering the ignite, probably the most user friendly. Not sure i can afford the maximum 108 cues in one purchase though (he says sober). Also then limited to that 108, that is still quite a jump from 12 though!
  12. Pyro Pete

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    I can jump in here as an owner of IGNITE (and also FireFly)... these are great systems but they are consumer-focused systems. Using an app is a great novelty but this wears off in the face of functionality that a professional system would give you. IGNITE will be an upgrade vs. DB04 if you use the show designer for an automated show, but if you free/manual fire, an actual remote control is better than an app.
  13. hofnerite

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    I think choosing the music is the most difficult part by a long way. I'm really struggling this year to find the perfect song to fit between the three I have had in place for a while. I wanted something atmospheric/epic and had the epic version of Survivor down for a while but that's been done to death and with the state of play around COVID at the moment I don't want anything too dark or too relatable. I think I've got one, a bit left field but it's epic enough!

    If you watch all the firework champions/Southport displays and follow enough firework companies who post their displays you'll find a lot of trends. For the last few years songs from The Greatest Showman have been done to death (although they are great pyromusical songs!), Dream Chasers, Survivor, Sky Full of Stars are commonly used. A lot of Dancing Queen this year too for some reason.

    I think in a good display though the pyro makes the song - not the other way round. If done really well, the song becomes a great pyromusical soundtrack no matter what it is.
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  14. Try looking at some of Ruelle's catalogue if your after epic tracks.
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  15. hofnerite

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    She's already on my subscription list. ;)
  16. PyroCraig

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    Haha oops my first track is survivor :p. It's the one song I've got fully planned, so got to run with it now. I did think it was rarely used outside of displays etc until I heard it on an advert the other day... :(

    The display does cheer up after that one and for the end I am currently planning to use an Avicii song. It's the middle for me I can't decide on I've got a hand full of tracks I like but trying to decide whether I want to go a bit more unique or ones that I've seen used before in displays numerous times so that it's a safe bet.

    When I get time, I'm going to put a Spotify playlist together of all the music used in firework champion displays and other displays. Once it's done I'll see if I can share the link and it may give people some inspiration if like me didn't know where to start.

    It's been great watching all the displays of all the firework champions and others especially the ones on here that are done with Cat 2 and Cat 3. Hopefully next year I can try get to a few of the firework champions. I found out last minute about the festival of fireworks was only a 30 minute drive from me so fortunately got see them in person and have my mind blown by all those displays especially Jubilee's.

    I thought I had already got all my fireworks for this year that wasn't used last year, then I decided to do this and it completely threw a spanner in the works! I'm using what I can of the stuff I've got already but I've got an ever increasing list of stuff I "need" that are perfect for certain points. As well as I had a trip up to the powder Keg for some SS and slices last week!

    I'm sure you've probably already checked these out if your looking for epic music but on the off chance:
    Scott Rill
    Hidden Citizens
    Damned Anthem
    Epica's live in Miskolc album
    2 steps from hell
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  17. hofnerite

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    Thanks @PyroCraig. I've got a YouTube list that must have 200+ songs in it and those names do look familiar!
    Survivor is a great song, don't get me wrong and it'll be interesting to see how you do it.
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  18. wilkins1kc

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    Did you consider the Billie Eilish theme from the upcoming James Bond movie? I used that a couple of weeks ago for a pyro-musical at my own daughter's 21st and it worked really well. Although maybe "No Time to Die" won't pass your Covid perspective.
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  19. hofnerite

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    Yes.. It's great but could do with peaking at some point in a crescendo! It opens well but is a bit flat throughout. Atmospheric though and some good cues for pyro in there.
    I'm going for Avicii's Hey Brother, cut down to just over 2 mins. I've reached the ' f*** it that'll do stage now'!
    The bugger is the 4 song display was done including a DMX script for the lights... so back to square one!
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  20. wilkins1kc

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    I know what you mean about reaching the point where you just have to stop and get the design done :)
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