First Pyromusical Tomorrow Night

Discussion in 'Professional Fireworks' started by Sean Smythe, Jul 13, 2018.

  1. Sean Smythe

    Sean Smythe Supports UKFR

    Well the time has arrived for us to carry out our first musical display and to be honest I am absolutely bricking it. I have done hours of prep and double/triple checked everything and am still concerned its all going to go tits up. How did you guys feel in this position as I feel I am in for a sleepless night again.
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  2. Don't worry, you'll feel the same for every show!
  3. Jon

    Jon Pro Firer/Crew

    You eventually realise what will get you is nothing that you can plan a freak snow storm....or a WW2 bomb being found closing the site...

    Hope it goes well ;)
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  4. Pyro Pete

    Pyro Pete Forum Editor

    Good luck, looking forward to the post-display report :)
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  5. AtomFireworks

    AtomFireworks Pro Firer/Crew

    I know the feeling, even more so when your sat behind a firing desk about to launch a championship show! Tbh them nerves never go, even now when I press the button I pray, and I am not even religious!!!
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  6. Exbombhead

    Exbombhead Pro Firer/Crew Supports UKFR

    All the best for tomorrow Sean. I’m sure you’ll smash it out the park.
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  7. hofnerite

    hofnerite UKFR Stash Photo 2018 Winner! Supports UKFR

    Good luck and make sure you video it!
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  8. Sean Smythe

    Sean Smythe Supports UKFR

    I have a professional company in to video it with 2 ground cameras and a drone. Video will hopefully be up early next week.
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  9. elmo

    elmo Pro Firer/Crew

    Agree with mark at fwc, no matter how many shows you’ve fired, me bum still goes boo prior to pressing the fire button :rolleyes:
  10. pyrobrit

    pyrobrit Pro Firer/Crew

    Good luck. Break a leg
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  11. Getting that feeling for my show tomorrow lol
  12. starseeker

    starseeker Pro Firer/Crew

    That feeling is part of why we do it ,very similar to when i used to line up on the start line when i was racing motor cycles :)
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  13. Illusion Fireworks

    Illusion Fireworks British Firework Champions 2018 UKFR Sponsor

    It gets easier :)

    I get great satisfaction from letting others in the crew have the ‘honour of pressing the button’ :)
  14. Dodgey

    Dodgey Pro Firer/Crew

    Yep. You learn to trust your equipment and the stress comes way down. Firing system, PA system.

    I always do a few sound checks , right up to minutes before the show (when I'm using my pa system and not someone else's). One of my guys stands by a speaker and I do it low volume.

    I'm starting to understand why people have those cheesy "And now! Get ready for..." voice intros to big displays. You get a chance to hear if the audio company has you all connected up and has faded your audio in before the Pyro starts!
  15. scoops

    scoops Pro Firer/Crew

    You're only bricking it because you care about the show. if you didn't I'd be more concerned. Cant wait to see what you can do:)
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  16. Billy Brutal

    Billy Brutal Senior Supermarket Unboxer Supports UKFR

    Best of luck with your show tonight Sean. I’m sure it’ll all be fine.
    Any chance of you teasing us with some set up pics? :)
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  17. starseeker

    starseeker Pro Firer/Crew

    Good luck ,i am sure you will be buzzing later on this evening when it all goes to plan .
  18. Sean Smythe

    Sean Smythe Supports UKFR

    Glad to say the display went well some little misfires that only I noticed. Just had my first phone call of complaint as some ladies dog wet herself on the carpet and they weren't fireworks they were explosives. Trying 5o be diplomatic was difficult to say the least should have the video mid week.
  19. Pyro Pete

    Pyro Pete Forum Editor

    Well done. Shame about the complaint. Amazon sell dog nappies for next time ;)
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  20. Jon

    Jon Pro Firer/Crew

    I think you just need to keep track of complaints over time and see what correlations that might make.

    For example, if you notice more complaints when using certain material (such as large salutes) maybe notch it down (use smaller salutes).

    Some companies go for the "as long as the client was happy" approach which may seem reasonable but if a venue always get lots of angry letters after one of your displays then you soon find you don't get invited back if another company also fires there and gets no complaints.

    It's one big juggling act ;)

    Glad it went well and look forward to the video!!