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Discussion in 'Professional Fireworks' started by mike frost, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. mike frost

    mike frost Pro Firer/Crew

    Has anybody modded any of the cheap Chinese flame protectors to fire from a firing system instead of dmx?
  2. Arthur

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    Lots depends on what your flame projectors look like inside. Sometimes they have the opportunity to switch by +12v, sometimes they will fire immediately when suitably switched and fed bursts of mains.

    Have a look at bigclivedotcom on youtube -they fall well inside his comfort zone.

    do this in someone else's house!

    The down side of going from a firing system is that you will only get very short pulses -maybe not enough to fully form the flame. Look for a small DMX controller, either program some flame patterns or get a controller with lots of flash buttons so that you can play the keypad to make the patterns that the show needs.

    How many flame projectors do you plan to use?
  3. mike frost

    mike frost Pro Firer/Crew

    Its just ideas at the moment I did some single shot work for a race event finish line as a car crossed shot went up so need it to be triggerable by me watching the car cross the line and hitting a button, wanted to change it up this year so was thinking flame progector bit cant get cables accross to the inside of the track, might just keep in simple and go for stage 0.5 second gerbs instead
  4. hofnerite

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    I'd just get the cheapest DMX controller and fire it using a timecode from the fireworks script.

    [EDIT, just read your latest post] or Chauvet do a DMX over wireless module for about £100 that means you won't need cables.
  5. luke

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    Do you own the flame projectors? If not what about hiring a G-flame and Galaxisis controller for the event.
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  6. mike frost

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    No I don't ill look into that cheers
  7. Pyromania

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    What @luke said - try Aardvark FX or Just FX, both have hire stock. :)
  8. mike frost

    mike frost Pro Firer/Crew

    Have done and looks to be just the solution cheers
  9. Have a chat with jubilee mate I’m sure they hire them out @mike frost
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