For sale: Complete Cobra firing system (modules, remotes & audiobox) - now sold

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    Hi guys,

    Had a bit of a spring clean and rationalise of all my Cobra gear. With the latest additions I've bought (lipo gear) I've now got some 9V A kit to offer to you:

    IMG_20210405_084259.jpg IMG_20210405_084209.jpg IMG_20210405_084159.jpg IMG_20210405_084155.jpg IMG_20210405_084146.jpg IMG_20210405_084113.jpg IMG_20210405_084024.jpg IMG_20210405_083106.jpg

    2 x 18R2 (£320 each)
    5 x 18m (£350 each)
    1 x Audiobox (£300)
    1 x 18R (£100) (no case, but have original cardboard/foam)

    Price for the lot: £2650

    All kit is working 100%, running 5.0.3 - but happy to reprogram to any other version you would prefer. Being open and honest most have had light use, a couple others a little bit more, but ultimately fantastic condition. Would happily have been rolled out for last years silly season had my shows not been cancelled...

    The modules are all in original Cobra Seahorse cases and armoured faceplates. However since taking the photos I have swapped the Black 18M to a yellow case (it was ruining my Zen with the kit that's left, and the other half says I can't get them back out to photograph again!) Of course now covered by Cobra's lifetime guarantee & Scott and team's legendary customer service.

    Everything will be boxed and can be shipped via courier

    Take the lot or happy to split in to up to 3 backyard kits as long as nothing is left. Shoot me a message if you're interested.
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    pm for you
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    SOLD! :donttell:
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