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  1. Dear FireByWire user

    We realise how difficult this current global situation is for the firework and indeed entertainment world. The down time that our industry faces is a good opportunity to get on top of those jobs you might have put off for a rainy day.

    We know that servicing your firing system is not likely to feature on any list you currently have but we would like to offer a hand to our valued clients and friends who took the decision to invest in our technology.

    You took the decision to support us – and so at this time we would like to offer a completely free servicing of your FireByWire firing system.

    All we ask is you cover any costs for the transport (or arrange for a drop off / collection) and any parts if needed.

    If we find any parts need replacing these will be quoted for – the decision is then yours. But please be assured we are not doing this as a money making exercise so any findings will be an honest assessment.

    Alcohol cleaning is used when servicing which has the added benefit of mitigating the current risk we face for our team and for yourselves.

    If you’d like to arrange getting your system serviced please email in the first instance. Terms and conditions apply and we will only service MLE supplied FBW finished products.
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    Very nice gesture Mat
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