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  1. B19_TLG

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    Not sure this is the right place but saw this and chuckled. It’ll be as divisive as brexit in this forum...

  2. hetro as in the "it's what real men do?" sort of thing? :p
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  3. hofnerite

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    Manual fire is homo fire. (as in homo sapiens, as in what cavemen did before they discovered electricity) ;)
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  4. Da Main Mouse

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    I think nowadays it should say gender neutral, dont want them woman-ual fires to get jealous or offended would we?
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    Lol I’m fairly tolerant of all people. But calling something with a pecker a woman or a gammon hangar a bloke is just counterintuitive. Bollox to gender neutral. That should only apply if youve deleted your sex organs lol.

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  6. paul lennon

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    Thank you B19_TLG ,

    If you liked that then maybe you will like,

    I always remember when Peter Wheeler, [Owner of TVR in the 80's and 90's} was asked in the late 90's when would he be including ABS, Traction Control and Air Bags into his cars he replied, " I only build cars for heterosexuals "

    I had three TVR's and am still whole, , , , , mind you I always wore brown trousers in the wet!
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    Hahahaha Gammon Hanger! Man a spat me cup tea everywhere
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